Ways to Increase Leads and Profits as a Staffing Firm

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Leads, leads, leads: A key to staffing profitability, a key to finding the right employees, finding the right clients, driving your business, and making your clients happy. Staffing owners all have their favorite way of getting candidates and clients. Some swear by leveraging LinkedIn; others host educational workshops; for others, cold calling is still their go-to tool.

Whatever your favorite method may be, you need the time to devote to leads. It takes research, energy, and planning to market and execute lead generation.

This article will discuss how technology, financing, and back office support solutions can all increase the amount of time dedicated to sales opportunities, and how each strategy can specifically aid in making informed business decisions which can ultimately drive profitability.


Technology can help you in all sorts of ways. For example, with Madison Resource’s detailed insight into your profitability and operational analytics, you can determine your best clients in terms of usage and payment (your DSO). This will give you a window into other similar clients you can then pursue. And, of course, if that existing client is happy with you, you have a built-in reference that these prospects will recognize. Obviously, this narrowing saves you time by zeroing in on good leads.

With Madison, you also get comprehensive sales reports, so you can see which sales methods are working the best, and which sales teams are clicking with different customers.

Madison provides applicant tracking and staffing CRM systems to manage your sales and recruiting combined with the industry’s most advanced online reporting to analyze the performance of branch operations and your business as a whole.

All of this technology lets you focus on leads and – let’s not forget – leads from existing clients as well. While this article is about generating new leads, don’t ignore the fact that your existing clients may have other business you can go for. Technology lets you understand your clients’ needs and puts you in the valuable position of a consultant.


A good lead generation program takes more than an investment of time – it takes a cash commitment as well. For all the relatively inexpensive lead generation tools out there today – LinkedIn, Facebook, an added Web presence, blogs, or editorials in a local paper – you also need robust sales teams, and, depending on your strategy, additional funds for direct mail campaigns, events, or sponsorships. Again, a funding company such as Madison, which specializes in staffing companies, can be a trusted partner here.

Funding can allow you to grow with confidence by improving cash flow and giving you quick access to capital.

Madison has both a full-service funding option (payroll processing, etc.) and a funding-only solution. Whatever your needs are, you can be assured to have capital for a great lead generation campaign.

Back Office Support

At first glance, the back office may not seem to have much to do with lead generation, but actually a good back office solution can be very valuable in your search for prospects. For one thing, a customized solution removes headaches.

At Madison Resources, we provide 100 percent of the back office support your staffing firm needs. From outsourced payroll to billing services, this gives you more time to focus on increasing sales, recruiting talent and serving your clients better.

All back office services are conducted to your specifications, with your branding by a team of professionals.

You’ll also get a credit review of all your customers, which will allow you to make smart business decisions from the get-go.

And once those leads turn into actual clients (whether companies or your own hires) you can maintain a professional, efficient relationship with accurate billing, payments, and real-time information.

As you can see, a lot goes on behind the scenes to create a successful lead generation campaign. For more information, contact us today.