At Madison, we’re very happy and dedicated to helping your staffing firm scale and grow to meet your needs and the needs of your customers. And now is a great time to boost up your business and enjoy the boom. There are a lot of opportunities out there and savvy staffing owners and operators are seizing the moment.

It’s no secret the economy is growing, and that of course applies to the staffing industry. In fact, a recent report from the American Staffing Association shows that staffing placements are on the rise as of the end of Q2 of 2016 (see the survey here: ). The same was true as recently as July, as reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, which stated the staffing industry added 17,000 jobs that month.

This article will stress that being prepared for possible continued increase of performance as an industry is crucial. This includes having the right tools, being properly staffed, outlining a strategy and outsourcing services that don’t need to be done in-office.

Having the Right Tools

When you’re in growth mode, it’s vital that you streamline your services so you can focus on your two sets of clients – your customers and your candidates.

Fortunately there are many automation systems that let you expedite your operations and move fast and efficiently. For example, our recent article on Applicant Tracking Sytems/CRM showcased some of the benefits of automation.

If you’re researching what system is right for you, there are important considerations, such as customer service and scalability. You can do a lot of research into automation software at sites such as Software Advice (, which currently lists 46 systems and breaks them down in terms of platforms and targeted business size.

And for those familiar with the American Staffing Association, you can talk to many vendors at its annual Staffing World.

Be Appropriately Staffed

As an owner or operator, you don’t want to be bogged down with too many details. If you find yourself being pulled in too many directions, you may want to consider support staff.

Of course, in times of growth, you also want to make sure you’ve got an effective sales team in place. Whether you’re hiring a veteran staffing professional or prefer to hire someone you can train yourself, a good team will make all the difference and let you ramp up business.

Outlining a Strategy

Once you have robust automation and a good staff, you’re free to spend more time on what should really be your role – planning a strategy, articulating it and executing it. Particularly when you’re in growth mode you need to spend time developing a vision.

Where do you want to be next year, or in five years? Do you want to get into other niches, or grow geographically? What sort of customers should you be working to acquire? Are they boutique firms or volume purchasers? All of these are important considerations. You’ll want to build your growth strategy around your target market.

Outsourcing as a Benefit

You should already be intimately familiar with outsourcing…after all, it’s one of the main selling points for staffing firms. So if it works for your customers, how can it work for you?

Well, there are a lot of outsourcing positions that can make your job easier. For example, if you are a smaller firm, you may want to bring in an IT consultant to set up your systems. Training and accounting are two other services where outsourcing can bring value.

Payroll & Billing, is of course, something that lends itself well to outsourcing. So is marketing. In the latter, many staffing firms that don’t have social media savvy have outsourced this service to great effect.

These four objectives should be a core part of your strategy. They will allow you to drive your company in the right direction: up. Contact us today if you are looking for a strategic partner to help your business continue to grow.

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