Three Reasons Staffing Firms Should Invest in Cloud Computing

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Three Reasons to Look to the Cloud

We know that as a smaller or growing staffing firm it is almost impossible to stop and catch your breath and figure out next steps. That’s one of the reasons it’s so important to have a business plan that you can refer to, as we addressed in our latest post.

But it is equally important to lift your head up from your day-to-day business and transactions and think about your processes. Such simple reflection can pay dividends. For example, let’s look at your IT department.

When we say IT department, we of course mean all shapes and sizes. In fact you may wear the IT hat. You may have a part-time consultant.  If you are actually practicing in an IT segment, of course, you have a leg up.

But the important message here is that reviewing your IT practices can ease headaches and, moreover, really help your business. Remember, it’s all about focus.

That’s why you should be thinking about the cloud. Cloud computing is another way to say that programs, servers, services, and data are Internet based, so that they are managed and stored offsite. There are many advantages to moving to such a system.

Here are three.

  1. With cloud-based systems, you can increase capacity, increase your functionality and add services on demand (literally 24/7). This allows you to grow without jumping into potentially more expensive infrastructure, or adding support staff.
  2. Seamless upgrades. Be honest now, have you installed every new upgrade that comes along with your security system or accounting program? How could you when sometimes these patches and upgrades come along once a week? With cloud-based software and services, these nagging problems go away. Upgrades, maintenance, and system administration take place in the cloud.
  3. Work from anywhere. This is especially important for staffing firms that have sales reps, marketing pros, and of course candidates on the go and, increasingly, dependent on mobile devices. With cloud computing, if you have Internet access, you’re at work, period.

There are many more reasons to join the cloud, from disaster recovery to security issues. The ones listed above are just the three that appear tailor-made for staffing firms.

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