Are you specialized for success?

Positioning yourself in a certain niche may seem scary because it may appear that you’re ignoring other potential markets, and being a service provider, it is natural to want to be al full-service solution for your clients.

However, when you differentiate yourself, you establish yourself better in the crowded staffing industry.

Trying to be all things to all customers is understandable; nobody likes to say no to a client or potential client. But it can also keep you from delivering excellent service. Essentially it keeps you from focusing on your core services, whether they are light industrial, healthcare, or really, any niche.

When you work in a niche, you can drill down and really understand the market. 

Besides the heightened focus specialization brings, there are other major benefits. Your clients will appreciate dealing with a niche provider that suits their needs.

They’re looking for speed, accountability, feedback (from both sides), and expertise.  If you know your market, your expertise will build naturally. The feedback will also flow naturally because you’ll forge relationships with clients. Clients won’t get lost in the shuffle that sometimes happens with multi-service providers.

On the flip side, your candidates will appreciate specialized recruiters that know the market and that can deliver jobs to the companies they are after. Ideally, your firm will be an advocate for the industry that you are serving, which is also appealing to candidates (and business clients). Niche staffing firms typically get more quality referrals as well, both from candidates and clients.

Don’t forget your recruiters.

Many will love specializing in one market and forging relationships with clients. As many of these recruiters come from the industry that you serve, you also get a foot-up in your niche.

There are other benefits for niche staffing firms. For example, you can have more impact and save money with targeted marketing. You’ll find that you get more call-backs by focusing on a specific client list in your area of expertise.

Build Your Brand

You can also, particularly as you grow and develop a track record, build a distinct brand identity. You won’t get lost in the sea of “me-too” general staffing agencies.

Of course, there are ways to expand your niche. Your clients may request you to fulfill lateral or additional staffing positions. In this case, you’re growing organically and through your existing relationships.

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