How Do You Keep Up When Your Payroll is Growing Faster Than Your Staffing Company Can Afford?

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It sounds like a good problem to have. Your staffing business is growing by leaps and bounds, clients are happy, and you’re in full hiring mode. Of course, for many staffing firms, business ramps up around the holidays and maybe you’re part of that. And growth is good. But it brings its own set of challenges. For staffing firms, cash flow is the key to keeping your business strong, and expanding.You know you have to pay your employees even when you are waiting on bills for clients.

A good funding company can help you out here, and even take things a step further, providing advice and guidance.

And particularly in staffing, as opposed to many other businesses, growth must be measured. Financing, back office support and technology all need to stay in line accordingly with your sales opportunities.

Funding can help you grow gracefully and avoid problems that you may not necessarily foresee. For example, at Madison Resources, we can provide unlimited funding services fully scalable technology and back office outsourcing services, so you can keep up with the growth, make more informed business decisions and improve your profitability.

And the best news?

You can provide better service to both sets of your clients. Because reputable payroll services have great technology and accounting systems, your contractors will have payments that are accurate and on time. Also, your business clients will get accurate and timely billing, which will speed up the payment process. On both sides it is done in a professional manner, with self-branding options. One more great way to keep your payroll running smoothly.

Did we mention headaches? Not yet. But the fact is by outsourcing payroll back office and other crucial but distracting parts of your business, your focus can be on what you do best: sales, recruiting, and satisfying customers.

At Madison, we pride ourselves on helping you grow. Our service goes far beyond cash: It’s like having a financial planning and analysis department at your fingertips.

You’ll get:

  • Trends on sales gross profit, gross margin, MU percentage and headcounts
  • Adjustable periods and comparisons with dropdowns to view monthly, quarterly or annually
  • Year over year or sequential comparison options
  • Configurable and available online 24/ 7
  • Branches and regions can be swapped for multibranch “what if “ analysis
  • All reports can be exported to Excel and PDF

Are you looking for a strategic partner?

As we say at Madison, it’s about managing the chaos more profitably. Let us help you with that. Give us a call today and grow effectively, and lessen the chaos. You’ll sleep better and look forward to your company’s future.