Our recent posts have been about the benefits of funding and back-office services, very important for staffing firms. But we feel it’s time to focus on another way you can excel:

A simple, compatible Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

These “front-facing” programs will allow you to manage an influx of job seekers, respond in a timely manner, keep track of your recruiters’ interaction with potential clients, and keep a streamlined and vetted pipeline of qualified, willing candidates.

There are many benefits to automating your applicant system, which we will get to, but let’s stop for just a moment and walk in a candidate’s shoes. In many cases, they are sending out resumes and applications into essentially a black hole. No response, no feedback. Maybe an automatic reply.

Uphold Your Reputation

The candidate deserves better. A proper ATS can help you help your applicants. And that adds the first benefit: Your reputation. Applicants talk, Yelp is out there, and word of mouth (online or offline) can impact your business in a positive or negative way. An ATS will help ensure that your reputation is in the positive direction.

Another great benefit is efficiency.

Time-to-fill is, of course, a crucial metric in our business, and an ATS can help you with resume parsing, and task and email generation. Every time you eliminate the need for recruiters to use data entry, you eliminate errors and you free up their time for what they do best: Filling open positions. Result? Happy recruiters, happy clients, happy placements.

Another benefit that we alluded to before is the pipeline.

As a staffing owner, you know better than anyone that this business has its ups and downs. When the going gets busy (say right now, with retail staff over the holidays), you need a pool of eager, vetted candidates that can fill the breach. An ATS will let you do that, and you can reach out to this pool with a touch of a button. It’s a competitive advantage your clients will come to rely on you and your candidates will come to trust.

So, why doesn’t every staffing firm invest in an ATS?

Large firms have been using them for years, but small staffing and recruiting firms are often hesitant, concerned about ROI, cost, and use-ability.

These are all legitimate concerns. The answer to these concerns, though, is that a low-cost ATS can pack a big punch, and the best ones will scale with you as you grow, give you definite ROI, and integrate with your other systems.

With Madison Resources, for example, we have an integrated ATS/CRM platform that allows you to manage your sales and recruiting with the industry’s most advanced online reporting to analyze the performance of branch operations and your business as a whole.

This package is created specifically for staffing firms, so it’s customized to your needs, as opposed, for example, to systems designed for companies who maybe hire twenty people a year. That’s not where you’re at.

You’ll get a drag and drop resume loader, automatic job matching to candidates, dashboard reporting (good for you as a manager), follow-up scheduler and integration with job boards. Speaking of the candidate experience, it also comes with a location-based candidate tool and mobile texting.

Partner With Madison Resources

Finally, speaking of cost: As always, with all of our services, we have no hidden fees. Put us to work for you and see how we can help you maximize and streamline your candidate flow. Contact us today to learn more.

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