Be Prepared to Help Your Clients Prepare

Technology trends have always had a great impact on businesses… and pretty much every part of our lives. But new innovations are going to provide even more changes – and opportunities—for staffing firms.

For example, within a mere two years, nearly 20 percent of the work done at U.S. companies will be accomplished through automation, including the use of robotics and artificial intelligence (AI), according to a new survey by the Society for Human Resource Management.

SRHM goes on to say, “But few in HR are ready for what automation will mean for the workplace: less reliance on full-time employees and greater reliance on contingent talent.”

Meanwhile, the Global Future of Work Survey, by global advisory company Willis Towers Watson, found that employers expect 17 percent of work will be automated by 2020. Today, about 9 percent of work is being done using AI and robotics. Most U.S. companies that are already using AI and robotics (94 percent) said they will expand their use of automation in the next three years.

But the idea of workers being replaced by robots is, while not far-fetched, not the whole story. For instance, a recent study by tech analyst firm Gartner concluded that by 2020, AI will automate 1.8 million people out of work but will create 2.3 million jobs—a net gain of 500,000 jobs. Capgemini, a consulting group, released a report saying that 83 percent of companies that implemented AI found that the technology created new jobs.

This is a great opportunity for you, as a staffing firm owner or operator, to serve as a trusted advisor and build your client relationships. You can help your client navigate the AI waters and reap the benefits.

Here’s what you can do to help your clients:

Be Fully Automated Yourself.

Nothing sends a professional message like having a first-class ATS/CRM and back office system. When you’ve experienced automation yourself, it will free you up to focus on your customers, and help show them the benefits of technology.

Keep an Eye on the Horizon.

As the SHRM survey points out, the AI and automation jumps will catch your customers by surprise. You can adjust your own pipeline ahead to meet demands by talking to your clients. For example, say you’re in light industrial and your client’s supply chain is getting increasingly automated. Here’s where there will be a need for a manager of the pipeline. It’s a different type of recruiting, but chances are it will get you a higher-level candidate, and a closer “in” with your client.

Another example would be finding candidates to help with the much-touted “Internet of Things” (IoT). Here’s where you can adjust your IT workforce to help your clients make this major transformation.

Become the AI Consultant Your Client Needs.

Share your data, and business intelligence, so that you can partner with your customer and be on the same road to growth together.

Don’t Forget the Personal Touch. Artificial intelligence and its overall affect on the staffing industry will continue to change and no doubt evolve, but it is not yet in replacement mode: i.e.,   where AI can actually screen, interview and make a hiring decision. That’s where you make the real difference, for your candidates and your customers.

Are you looking for tools to better help you run your business?

At Madison, we have great tools to help you embrace AI, both with your own business and with your clients, from cloud-based technology to business intelligence. Contact us today to see how we can maximize your value – and your client’s, as well.

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