Ramping up to Meet Staffing Needs

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As a staffing owner, you’ve got your regular, volume customers, or perhaps you’re a boutique firm with niche but valuable customers. That is great, and a fantastic sweet spot for your business. But how do you meet outsized demands? In essence, how can you adjust when there is suddenly a larger need, or the industry fluctuates unexpectedly?

Fortunately, there are ways to adjust your business accordingly to meet demands, with the result that you can please your clients and please your candidates. Let’s look at some tools available to you.


The Global Staffing Trends 2017 report from LinkedIn Talent Solutions noted that 83 percent of staffing firms say their average time to hire is under two months. Anything that you can do to reduce that timeframe, especially when in-demand skills are at a premium mandates the tools and strategies to make quality placements as efficiently as possible.

Automation can help you do this. You can match candidates to clients quickly and that will give you time to focus on the human parts of your business….giving your clients and candidates the attention they deserve.

At Madison, we offer a robust ATS/CRM system that ensures placement success.

We’ve created it specifically for staffing companies to manage candidate and client relationships.

Here are some of the features:

  • Cloud-Based
  • Drag and drop resume loader
  • Automatic job matching to candidates
  • Schedule follow-ups
  • Integration with job boards
  • Location-based candidate search
  • Mobile texting
  • Monitor sales and recruiting activity
  • Online application

We should highlight the mobile texting feature, as this will definitely increase the speed of your placement. That’s the way your candidates like the process these days.


Obviously, if you need to ramp up business quickly and unexpectedly, you’re going to need extra financing to expand your outreach, potentially hire additional recruiters, and meet payroll.

A funding partner who is flexible and can help meet your needs is crucial at this point. At Madison, we give staffing companies the support they need to grow with confidence and improve cash flow and profitability by offering quick access to capital.

We have two options, full-service funding, which covers your back-office needs; and funding only.

Back Office Solutions

Which brings us to the back office. When you are in growth mode or going through other changes, it is essential that your payroll processing, billing, and collections are operating in an organized, timely manner.

At Madison, we can take this off your shoulders with a full array of services, from multi-state processing to billing issue alerts to detailed aging reports.

Business Intelligence

Nobody can ever know when change will occur, but any foresight that you have can help you prepare. At Madison, we can help you give you data on trends on sales gross profit, gross margin, MU% and headcounts. Data can put you a step closer to your clients and a step ahead of your competitors.

Are you looking for a strategic funding 

Growth or change, in general, is exciting, but it does have its challenges. Let us help you with those: Give us a call today.