Staffing firm owners know better than many other business owners about the need for flexibility in financial or business crunch times. You’ve got to meet your payroll while dealing with sometimes irregular client payments. In many cases, your hiring may be seasonal which can be hard to plan for, ramping up and then ramping down.

But there are ways that you can keep your business flexible during high-growth and low-growth periods.

One tip is to find flexibility.

By building flexibility into your business plan, you can negotiate the hard times and the good times. Here is where a good funding company working as a partner can really help.

Funding companies such as Madison can assist you by giving you the flexible cash flow you need. You can run your business without cash flow worries.

For more than 25 years, Madison Resources has provided payroll funding for staffing companies. From helping startup firms get off the ground to giving staffing companies the support they need to grow with confidence, we improve cash flow and profitability by offering quick access to capital.

At Madison, we offer both full-service funding, which includes back-office services, or stand-alone, a la carte funding.

We can assist you in deciding which is the best option.

With back-office services, you can add another layer of profitability. This ensures effective billing and a smooth payroll operation. At Madison Resources, we provide 100% of the back office support your staffing firm needs. From outsourced payroll services and outsourced billing services to our complete back office support solutions, we give you more time to focus on increasing sales, recruiting talent and serving your clients better.

It also helps to know your market. This allows you to stay on your toes. At Madison, we can provide business intelligence services such as performance analytics that allow you to look into trends in sales gross profit, margins and headcount. You also get tools that allow you “what if” scenarios including swapping branches and regions. It’s a great way to look into the future and stay prepared.

Contact us today and see how flexibility can make a world of difference to your business.

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