Is Your Team Overwhelmed by Tax and Compliance Issues?

At Madison Resources, We Can Help

With the increasing focus on corporate governance and regulation, tax compliance is as important as ever.

Compliance failure represents not only a financial risk — financial penalties and possible increase in the tax charge but also a serious business risk, as it can damage your reputation with the authorities and the public.

To remain competitive, companies are increasingly focusing on their core competencies and activities that create value for the company. Tax and compliance issues can cause your team headaches and result in distractions. Nevertheless, these issues, when not attended to, can wreck your business.

Issues include:

-understanding your payroll taxes;

-maintaining your paperwork;

-how to properly manage your W-4 and W-2 forms;

-paying your federal and state taxes on time.

If you have a small business, your accounting team is very small, if it even exists…it may just be you! In that case, it’s easy for these issues to fall through the cracks.

One solution is to outsource these issues.

This allows you to focus on what you do best, sales and recruiting. It also allows you to avoid paperwork while increasing your margins.

At Madison, we can keep your company in line with these key issues.

For example, our back office services allow you to offload payroll administration, reduce risks.

We do this by providing multistate payroll processing; printed checks or direct deposit with online paystubs; in-house staff payroll; an online payroll processing application; an online timecard system; multistate new hire reporting; and PTO & sick pay tracking and reporting.  In addition, we provide the data for all workers’ compensation reporting and audit; census reporting and ACA reporting required.

You also get payroll tax filing and W-2 processing, including annual W2 processing; tax withholding and unemployment returns; electronic payments of federal, state and local payroll taxes; quarterly tax filing package for recordkeeping; and state registration guidance. All of these services will keep you compliant while easing your headaches, and those of your team.

Are you looking for help with compliance questions?

Let us take care of your paperwork, and you can take care of running your business. Contact us today to see how we can help.

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