What Do You Really Need in an Applicant Tracking System?

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If you’re thinking about getting an applicant tracking system (ATS) for your staffing business, it can be a great idea. Automation is a great enabler to success. The trick is finding out the right one to suit your needs and your business model. Let’s examine what you might want to consider.

What You Need To Know About Your ATS

Does the ATS provide real ease of use?

If not, you’re spinning your wheels and wasting the precious time of your recruiters. How many bells and whistles do you need?  Investing in software that won’t be used, or has a clumsy interface, is a waste of time, money, and energy.

Does the ATS you are considering offer strong customer support?

If not, this can quickly turn what looks like the best applicant tracking software into a train wreck. You need to do your due diligence and check response times. For example, at Madison, we offer cloud-based ATS/CRM technology available to you 24/7. It can make a big difference to your business.

You also need to consider the integration of job boards.

These are so crucial to your business and the fact is that some ATS’ integrate better than others. An ATS that has trouble working with job boards is going to hamstring your growth. Staffing Applicant Tracking Systems can be the way to go, as they are customized with staffing agencies in mind.

How Is The Applicant’s Application Experience?

An ATS will also help you deal with your candidates more efficiently, which will make the hiring process easier. With a good system, you’ll keep the candidate informed through every step of the process, and avoid pitfalls like having multiple recruiters call the same candidate, or worse, asking resume questions that the candidate has already supplied. A good ATS will parse a candidate’s resume into the candidate record, which decreases the need to ask as many questions of the applicant.

At Madison, for example, we not only are on top of mobile, but we facilitate job matching with candidates and automated schedule follow-ups so that your candidates are in the loop and not likely to drift away or, worse, go to a competitor. With Madison, you can even narrow things down to a location-based candidate search, which helps both your clients and your candidates.

Finally, make sure the ATS you’re considering has built-in flexibility.

If your company needs upgrades, you should be able to get new features from your ATS. Those bells and whistles we mentioned earlier might not fit your needs now, but could be tools you can use as you expand.

Are you looking for a better ATS option?

Madison Resources’ cutting-edge technology solutions let you focus on driving sales and increasing profitability. We provide an applicant tracking and staffing CRM system to manage your sales and recruiting with the industry’s most advanced online reporting to analyze the performance of branch operations and your business as a whole.  If you are looking for a better ATS option that actually benefits your recruiting process, contact us today!