Ditch the “One Size Fits All” Model When Servicing Your Clients. Here’s Why.

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If you’re a staffing firm owner or manager starting up, or considering new business, it’s important to differentiate yourself from the other competitors out there. A one-size fits-all model may work well if your business is a general one, such as manufacturing or light industrial with the result that your business may be perceived as “commoditized,” but even here there is room to specialize. Let’s take a look at the reasons why you should get rid of, or never start, the one-size practice.

Why One-Size Does Not Fit All

Your customers deserve more.

Increasingly, your clients will have metrics that allow them to be increasingly particular about time that it takes to fill candidates and the rate of successful matches. By specializing – not expanding – your reach, you can narrow your candidate field and provide better matches. The main advantage here is that when you focus on a given market – geographically or business-wise – you and your recruiters and your sales team will really be able to dig into the market and figure out what your clients wants.

Your candidates deserve more.

They’re looking for the same thing you and your clients want … a good match that makes the best of their abilities and will allow them to grow. By knowing the market, you’ll be able to provide personal service, and keep these same candidates coming back. You’ll find that the word of mouth will work wonders for your business as well.

You’ll also be able to help your candidates with information, such as what skills are likely to be needed in their area in the future, and even areas such as whether the company may be, or may not be, a good cultural fit. Esoteric, perhaps, but very valuable to your client and your candidate.

You deserve better.

A staffing firm’s business – your business – is predicated on matching the best possible candidates to the best places they can work. It is how well you do this that sets you apart from the competition. After all, did you really start your business by saying, “I’m going to do what Tom’s Staffing, Dick’s Staffing, and Harry’s Staffing does”? Highly doubtful. Customized service will keep you motivated and energized.

Your recruiters deserve better.

They are challenged with finding excellent candidates. They can do this if they are intimately familiar with the market they serve, what the candidates want, and what skills are in demand. If they’re operating under a scenario where they don’t have the right business intelligence it’s like flying blind. How long is a top recruiter going to stick around without good information and a good matching challenge?

A final note:

Even if you are in a general staffing business, you can still differentiate your services by specializing in time to fill and providing reliable workers. Automating your applicant tracking system and allowing for mobile usage are just two ways that can help here.

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