How to Maximize Your Candidate Contact

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Automation Can Help You Succeed

We all agree that a good, engaged, and revolving candidates can do you wonders for your firm, and also for your reputation. It’s well-documented that a repeat candidate saves you money, and you can offer your client, someone, that you know and whose experience is proven.

As all staffing owners and operators know, candidates are crucial to your business, and providing them in a  timely and professional manner is key to your success.

Just as you’re going to please your clients with a motivated, hands-on sales staff, you’re going to achieve that same result with a motivated contractor workforce.

The problem comes in with candidate interaction. If you don’t respond to a candidate in a timely manner and also don’t follow-up promptly, it’s very easy to lose people. Good candidates aren’t going to wait around, so you need to be pro-active.

Fortunately, you can burnish your candidate side just like you do your client side.  Technology can really help you here. With mobile apps, for example, you can keep your candidates informed about new openings while they’re on the go. Mobile is the go-to technology for the new, flexible workforce, and if your Web site isn’t mobile-enabled, you’re missing out.

The other problem is simply managing the inflow of candidates – which is typically a good thing (you want lots of applicants) but isn’t a good thing if these same candidates get lost in the shuffle. This is where a good software system can help you. An applied ATS/CRM program can allow you to work more efficiently and at the same time also satisfy your candidates. It can streamline your workflow and make everyone happy, from your associates to your clients to your internal staff. You’ll also want an ATS/CRM that can scale with you too.

A robust ATS/CRM system can help with everything from scheduling interviews to triggering follow-up calls and flag you when an assignment is coming to an end. It all comes down to points of contact.

And in this new world of work, many systems now have social media components as well. How many savvy workers are finding jobs through Facebook these days? Or the many other platforms out there? You don’t want to miss out.

Nothing beats the personal touch, of course. But technology can actually fine-tune that touch. You won’t have multiple recruiters calling the same candidate, for example, which is not only not professional but also a waste of your recruiters’ time and effort. Instant messaging, call reminders and effective parsing of resumes will help your recruiters succeed and make your business look efficient and professional…because it will be.

At Madison, we’ve developed an ATS/CRM system that is built specifically for staffing companies to manage candidate and client relationships.

Among the features:

  •  Cloud-Based
  • Drag and drop resume loader
  • Automatic job matching to candidates
  • Dashboard reporting
  • Schedule follow-ups
  • Integration with job boards
  • Location-based candidate search
  • Mobile texting
  • Monitor sales and recruiting activity
  • Online application

Why Madison Resources?

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The Bottom Line:
Madison Resources will make your staffing firm more profitable. Contact us today, and see how we can help you keep your candidates happy.