How Do You Establish Positive Cash Flow as A Startup?

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There are many challenges, and many opportunities, with starting your own business. Particularly in staffing, it has a particular set of circumstances.

As a staffing owner starting your own business, you must realize how important cash flow is, or it can lead to your failure to launch your company.

Here are some tips to generate positive cash flow:

Tip #1:  Set Your Terms.

Many startups make mistakes out of the gate. You should have a good sense of what the market will bear, and price your services accordingly. This applies equally to any type of the staffing business. The best key to success here is to do your due diligence in your market, and hold your prices to the niche you’re in, or going after. Giving discounts to clients as a way to get business is an attractive idea, but once you start out low-balling, it’s very hard to get to the next level.

Tip #2: Handle Your Invoices Professionally.

This is very important in managing cash flow. Especially in the staffing world, you need your clients to be billed on time and you need your contractors or associates paid on time. The good news?! Madison Resources can help you by taking over payroll processing, ensuring payment and billing in a timely (and absolutely professional manner).

Tip #3: Pick the Right Associates and Employees Carefully.

Investing in employees is crucial. Hiring the right people may seem like an extra expense, but they will help your company in the long run. Ask yourself, “Would you rather have one great person or three who aren’t really engaged?” That can make the difference in your business goals.

Tip #4: Realize That Profit is Not Cash Flow.

This can seem like a conundrum, but it’s very simple: A positive cash flow is needed to generate profits. It’s not profits but it is cash flow that leads to profits. You need, as a staffing startup owner, to build your company with a positive cash flow. Madison Resources can help you here. We can offer you affordable payroll funding that can help you build your business.

Tip #5: Get Technology Involved.

You really want to make sure that your business processes and invoices and your Website and your texting (now more important than ever in staffing) are safe and secure, and, again, professional. At Madison, we can help you out with many of these challenges, with our progressive technology.

Tip #6: Get Helpful Advice.

You hopefully have peers or partners that are sharing their ideas and advice with you. But you may want to consider Madison Resources: We have twenty plus years of partnering with startups like you. Contact us today and see how we can help you.