What’s the Optimal Size of A Staffing Company To Look For Funding Options?

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As a funding and full back office services  vendor (including payroll) to the staffing industry, many times our experts are asked all sorts of questions about funding. This is fine, as we have almost 25 years experience helping businesses like yours grow.

Among the many questions we get is, “How big a company do I have to be before I look for funding options?”

The answer, unfortunately, is not that simple. One funding platform doesn’t fit all, and there isn’t a magical growth number that will tell you when to seek funding. In fact, as you will see, the size of the company is a factor but not the factor: It depends on what your firm’s needs are. There are many providers who will not take you on without a proven track record.

In a way, this is good news. A custom funding plan is one tailored to your needs, and one that will help you in your ups and downs.

Simply put, a good funding partner can help you as a start-up; as a business seeking to get to the next level; or as an experienced firm looking for advice and support.

Let’s look at start-ups. You’ve got a unique set of challenges. At Madison Resources, we’ll help you get off the ground faster.

Starting a new staffing business is hard work – building your client list, filling your candidate pipeline, expanding your internal team. Madison Resources lets you focus on sales and customer service, so you can increase profitability faster.

We provide:

For growing and experienced staffing firms, your needs are also unique. You’re going to need efficiencies. So, with Madison, you’ve got them.

At Madison Resources, we are the only company specifically servicing the staffing industry that is owned and operated by seasoned staffing executives and can provide unlimited funding services,fully scalable technology and back-office outsourcing services, so you can keep up with the growth, make more informed business decisions and improve your profitability. We have  tools and resources for high-growth staffing firms, including:


As you can tell, this is moving beyond merely funding and into a partnership/consulting relationship.

Finally, we have firms seeking greater value, either with an eye to sell or to continue to grow. One aspect of this is realizing that your funding partner just isn’t able to grow with you.

In staffing, explosive growth can mean explosive challenges. Financing. Technology. Back office support. They all need to improve in tandem with your sales opportunities.

At Madison Resources, we can provide unlimited funding services and fully scalable technology and back-office outsourcing services, so you can keep up with the growth, make more informed business decisions and improve your profitability.

While it may appear daunting to change vendors, it’s really not that difficult. At Madison Resources, our team can help you quickly and seamlessly transition from your funding, back office or technology partner. And with one simple solution to manage your whole office, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

At Madison Resources, we offer full-service funding, which includes back office responsibilities, and we also offer a funding only option.

It’s never a wrong time to be open to finding funding for your business, no matter your size. Call us today and see how we can model a program to your needs. Looking for funding options?  Contact us today to get the ball rolling and your business growing.