The holidays are here, and staffing firms that supply retail, light manufacturing, and even boutique positions, are seeing demand for their services surge.

Indeed, retailers are expected to hire more than 700,000 seasonal workers for the December holidays. That’s the most since 2015, according to a Challenger Gray Christmas analysis of federal jobs data, and great news for companies like yours. Now is the time to capitalize.

There are problems with success and time of year, however: keeping the wheels on. Your staff are consistently under pressure to fill multiple positions per day and meet tight deadlines. Frankly, your salespeople and recruiters need all the help they can get right now, and it will pay your company dividends.

4 Tools That Will Allow Your Salespeople and Recruiters to Succeed

Team Building

At this point, you should have a great team of recruiters and salespeople by your side, articulating your vision and going the extra mile with customer service.

Still, like that MLB or NFL coach before the playoffs, you may want to add some additional star power to either side of your business.

In this case, hopefully you already have someone in mind. If not, look for a proven track record….this is no time for on the job learning.

Training Programs

What helps your recruiters and sales teams? Well, they’re only as good as their candidates. You need to make sure your candidates are properly prepped for the job. This can be as simple as dresscode, the importance of punctuality, how to get to the job site, and all you know about the job.

Again, hopefully you have a training plan in place, but if not, you can expedite matters by bringing in a trainer temporarily or, also temporarily, shifting someone on your staff to that role.

Get the Word Out

OK, you’re hiring….but who knows? You need to let people know you’re a great place to work with great opportunities. A great way to do this is to set up a referral program. Not only are you laying out minimal funds, but you’ve got your first vet of the candidate complete, as people are very hesitant to recommend friends and acquaintances who wouldn’t fit.


This is heads-down time. You can help your sales team and recruiters by having robust technology that allows for efficient payroll, for example, or immediate contact. At Madison, we offer efficient payroll services that will allow you to focus on the now, instead of getting side-tracked. Our ATS/CRM service will make everyone’s life easier, with a drag and drop resume loader; automatic job matching to candidates; the ability to schedule follow-ups and many other tools.

Madison Resources – A Strategic Partner For Your Staffing Company

Good luck this Holiday season, and we’re here to help you maximize your every opportunity. At Madison,  we can provide technology that will cut your time and recruiting pain and we’re always keeping an eye on technology and trends for our valued clients and we’ve worked with staffing firms like yours for decades. Let us help you with good advice and business intelligence. Contact us today!

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