Claim Your Slice of the Recruiting Pie – Your Key to Differentiation

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Looking ahead to the New Year provides a sense of perspective. It’s typically a time when people set goals, such as a new job, or new fitness program. Although the goals aren’t always successful, they’re a useful target to gauge how you are doing.

Like personal goals, you may have business goals for the New Year. Perhaps it’s to open a new location, or add another service to your company’s portfolio. Maybe it’s updating your software, which is all too often ignored. But for this post’s resolution, let’s make it about something that’s key to your business: Enhancing your recruiting.

What about making 2019 the year you focus on recruiting? The market is ripe for it. Increasingly companies are seeing skills gaps, particularly in IT. Overall employment is very low. This may be the time professionals and any sort of worker decides it’s worthwhile to see what else is out there beyond their job (after all, a new job could be their resolution too). You need to build your brand recognition to get these top contractors, as well as clients.

3 Steps to Differentiation in the Staffing Industry

Step #1

How to do this? The first step is to figure out what your brand is; what you stand for. What values do you have that set you apart from the competition? Once you have this core statement, make sure it’s an integral part of every business process you do. “We’re the company that does …” is much more compelling than, “We do everything.

Step #2

Another way to differentiate is to have a strong online presence. This means social media and perhaps even a Twitter feed that gives, for example, economic forecasts for your region.

Content can be blogs, pictures, videos, and the aforementioned social media.  Think about it: a candidate comes across your Website and is impressed by the online video of the recruiting team doing their best to fit people with jobs; moving things along; and constantly being in touch. That candidate will be ideally taking that positive information about your company and converting it into action: applying for work.

Recruiting teams are just now starting to use these tactics to attract seasoned and gung-ho workers alike.

Step #3

You may also help your recruiters by thinking about what their customers might need. For example, what if you offered background checks or pre-screening? That might be the incentive the client needs to make a decision.

It always comes down to the fast fill. This is unfortunate, but even in the best of times, filling a position quickly poses some challenges.

One of the biggest is burdening the recruiter with troublesome redundancies (entering the same name multiple places).

Recruiters are also hampered by technology that doesn’t let them keep track of their candidate, schedule appointments, and other details hopefully on the way to hire.

Madison Resources – A Strategic Partner For Your Staffing Company

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