The fact is with employment at a record low and technology more important than ever, more companies than ever need your help. These could be data analysts, Collaborative IT Administration ( a bit of a Unicorn out there right now), IT workers and many more boutique positions. Couple that shortage with the realization that colleges and universities aren’t graduating in STEM (science, engineering, and mathematics) and you’ll see that these are boom times for your business…if you can supply the right talent.

That’s the key question.

Here are some steps that will help you succeed in a high-demand world.

Tip #1: Know your market.

This will allow you to narrow your field and focus. For example, if you are in an electronic games hub, you’ll need special programmers, and you can leave other skills (except those that might be transferable) alone.

Tip #2: Training 

Revisit or implement your training program, both for internal recruiters and for those candidates who may have transferable skills.

Tip #3: Establish or enhance your referral program.

This is really a gift that keeps giving, for you and potential candidates. You’ll be able to winnow away some great matches this way.

Tip #4: Automate.

You clients just need excellent bridges of the skills gap – unfortunately they needed them yesterday. At Madison, we’ve got programs that improve your billing, your scheduling, your data transparency, and myriad other solutions. In a word, you get professionalism, which will resonate with your clients.

Tip #5: Educate your clients.

We said that you need to know your market, and this is true. But your client does, as well. Many hiring managers have a specific job and expect it to be filled immediately. Perhaps they are unaware of your market or perhaps this is the way they treat vendors. But you can make the best of this. You can let the client know that you are up to the task, and share some data about average time to fill in that position (only if you feel comfortable doing so; otherwise, you can be more generic).

Also, you’ll come across as a savvy player that knows your market, and, increasingly, your clientele.

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