Why Trust Is the Key To Winning New Sales

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As every staffing owner knows, a mutual partnership with clients over the years has great benefits, and great insight into your market – your client needs, and, in turn, what your client needs to be looking out for in terms of trends and business. This is where you have a mutual trust, and great bonding. This is also an area where you can share information, and gain information, and leverage (in a positive way) that general information to new clients.

Which brings us to new clients.  How do you engender the same level of trust that you have with your long-term clients?

The answer is you take gradual steps. Here are some thoughts to consider.

Why Is Trust Essential in Sales?

Your Reputation Precedes You

This is a cliché, but it’s true, nevertheless. Hopefully you have a good client base that will vouch for your excellent service. In that case, your reputation will get you in the door with an initial interview, and then it’s up to you to build on that.

There are other steps you can take. Seek the competitive advantage by asking for, and then posting, customer endorsements and testimonials. This can be on your own Web site or the many other opportunities available (such as Yelp, or all the other sites prospective clients might go to verify your service or find a good reliable firm).

Know Your Potential Client’s Business

It sounds simple, but it’s so important: Don’t go into your approach or initial meeting without knowing what you can glean from your potential client. This is so much easier with the Internet these days but connections with peers work equally well. Know your target’s market, and let them know how you can help them succeed. This builds trust from the start.

Have Data That Supports You

Good references are one thing, results are another. In your initial consultation with your prospective client, you should provide data that proves you deliver service on time, and on demand, and that your associates are highly qualified. Time to fill and retention and onboarding and offboarding are all good information to discuss. At Madison, we give you the tools and proof you need to show that you walk the walk. This includes sales and recruiting activity and any other information you are comfortable sharing.

Deliver on Your Service

You’re in the door… fantastic! Now you need to deliver. How to keep building trust? Do follow-ups. Match great candidates. Call with information about employment trends in your new client’s niche or industry. If your client wants to off-load payroll services make sure you can provide excellent, accurate information (Madison can help you here.)

Looking for Funding Solutions?

In short, at Madison, we’re here to take care of issues like payroll and automation and great customer contact, so you have the tools to focus simply on sales and recruiting. Get new customers and start with trust from the get-go, and let Madison help you…Give us a call today.