These are good times for staffing firms. With demand for contract workers up in all sectors of staffing, it is of course imperative to find and match candidates as soon as possible.

But in the rush to efficiency, you may take a short-cut on one of your biggest assets: Customer service. You neglect this service or overlook it to the detriment of both ongoing business and your bottom line.

Hopefully you have customer service built into your mission and goals. In these days with every client going online with reviews, this is even more important than in the years past. In addition, as statistics show, customer retention is much less expensive than finding new clients.

Those are just some of the reasons for the importance of customer service, besides it being most likely one of the major reasons you got into the staffing industry. If you’re an on-the-ball staffing firm, you’ve got a trained and talented “customer-facing” staff. This is a great start and much better than having no service policy whatsoever. But where you may find a blind spot is in realizing how much every employee you have is a part of a good service program.

Here are three reasons why every employee should be trained in customer service.

Reason #1: Professionalism

Imagine you’re a client and you get a bill you don’t understand, or it’s late and has inaccurate billing data. If you don’t think that’s a big problem with customer service, then you don’t understand the value you are missing. The good news is that there are solutions that can help you.

For example, at Madison Resources, we provide 100% of the back office support your staffing firm needs. From outsourced payroll services and outsourced billing services to our complete back office support solutions, we give you more time to focus on increasing sales, recruiting talent and serving your clients better.

All back office services are conducted to your specifications, with your branding by a team of professionals. And all included under our one-fee structure.

Reason #2: Efficiency

If your staff is on the same page, customer service can move quickly and with one voice from the top down.

Some advice: Brainstorm your service policies so that they cover every possible aspect of your customer’s experience. This includes details such as how quickly your phone is answered or your Web site or text or email questions are responded to. Involve all of your staffers in the process – you’ll get fresh ideas as well as buy-in to the customer service concept.

Reason #3:

You Get to Sleep at Night. With a strong customer service policy – addressing both your clients and your candidates – and your business working in a consistent, professional manner, you’ve got the peace of mind that comes with good planning.  You will no longer dread online reviews. Sure, there are always irritable clients, but you can keep it to the absolute minimum.

Are you looking for better funding options?

At Madison, we don’t offer aspirin to help you sleep at night. What we do offer is automation, billing, software, and business intelligence and the seasoned advice of a long-term group of staffing professionals and experts. Give us a call today.

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