Your Online Reputation Is Your Wingman When Prospecting For Candidates

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We have focused lately on clients, and how you can help them succeed. That’s a very important issue to you and your business and your client.

However, this blog is about your other client side: your associates. In fact, candidates are arguably the most important part of your business. Perhaps you’ve dabbled in online sites, to attract and recruit these great possibilities, and of course you have your own Website. But there are other opportunities that you may not be of aware which you can be taking full advantage of.

Your online reputation can be a double-edged sword. You can get bad reviews on different sites, but at the same time you can promote your brand. In effect, your online presence can be your Wingman, supporting you in the staffing sphere.

How To Actively Manage Your Online Reputation

First, be proactive.

You should have testimonials and blogs on your Website that cater not only to your clients but to your candidates as well. Setting up a separate portal is a great idea.

Next: Burnish your reputation by delivering great service to your candidates.

This is day-to-day business and not so much an online platform but it has a great influence on associates or candidates. The young workers and professionals of today are only too happy to share their experiences online, as well they should.

How do you deliver that service?

It takes the personal touch, like you give your clients. Don’t lose contact with your candidates. Keep them informed of what you’re doing on their behalf. This includes everything from messaging to meetings to processing your payments correctly.

It helps if you have a great ATS and payment program, such as with Madison. You can give a candidate great service and efficiency by texting opportunities, setting up meetings, and doing follow up.

Communication is definitely THE key

Of course, the communication between your recruiters and candidates are also essential. Talking to your candidates about their skills and goals is a great way to build a relationship, and that’s increasingly a story that is shared online.

The bottom line:

Don’t let others define you online, just as you would in real life. Don’t fear it – a good online presence is a great advantage to your business, and a great way to attract the candidates you need.

Are you looking for ways to innovate and stay competitive?

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