You run a successful staffing operation, but you as an owner or operator must be, on a practical basis, worried about the economy, the future of the economy, and the employment market in general. But good business intelligence and good service will give you a step ahead of your competitors. Here’s how to do it.

6 Ways To Beat Your Competition at Staffing and Recruiting

1. Know your competition.

Find out who your competitors are, what they’re offering, and more importantly, what they’re not offering. Those are gaps you can fill. Be there for them.

2. Know the local economy.

Whether you’re a regional or local staffing firm, you should always have your eyes on what’s going on with the state of the market. You may not be able to control the national economy, but you can understand it. This will help you follow trends and adapt to them.

3. Keep close to your existing customers.

This should be second-nature but cannot be overstated. If you have a good idea of their needs and concerns, you can help them out and become a trusted advisor, taking a step up from a service vendor. If you do your research properly, as mentioned above, you can also advise them on the market and what you can see in foreseeable hiring needs. Also, set up strategies and tactics to re-engage with applicants in your ATS, whether or not they’ve worked with you before.  In a candidate-driven market, you need to reach out to passive talent to draw them in.

4. Enhance your marketing.

This might seem counter-intuitive, but it makes sense if you think about it. You want to get the word out to both candidates and potential clients that you are in a strong business position. Make sure that you show what you can bring to the table. This doesn’t need to be expensive in these days of social media. Also, always keep in mind your personal business connections and associates. They can be a great word-of-mouth resource for potential customers as well.

5. Differentiate.

What do you actually do differently? What extra services do you provide? What’s your brand and message? Keeping on the ball and on focus with these will give you a step up on your competitors.

6. Keep your own house in order.

You need to make sure that you have the payroll in place to support swings in the market, and updated software to stay on top of your business and deliver professional services. Businesses that plan for the future automatically have a leg up on their competition. Nevertheless, it’s not just about beating competition but growing your firm in a healthy, pro-active way.

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