Our last posted article advised you on how to step up against competition in an uncertain economy. This one addresses how to motivate your sales and recruiters in an uncertain economy, which is just as important for your business success.

For example, did you know that 70% of current sales teams and recruiters have never worked through a recession? They’re going to need motivation and guidance to navigate the cycles that are bound to be ahead.

First of all, are we in fact in a recession? Financial experts aren’t sure, but they’re looking for clues. This includes evidence of a significant and sustained downturn in economic activity that is broadly distributed across the economy. It’s not being worried about a blip, but a substantial downfall. We’re not there yet, but educating yourself will help you, in turn, educate your staff and they can know the market that they are dealing with.

Here’s how to reduce turnover and boost employee morale.

1. First, hire well in the beginning.

Easier said than done but a motivated, intelligent professional is a boon to your business and will understand market trends, and be able to pass them along to both customers and candidates. When hiring, it pays to go beyond a work record and look for attitude, and integrity. Selective questioning can help you here.

2. Give your employees the tools to do the job.

This includes top-of-the-notch  ATS/CRM software that will ease scheduling, follow-up, and duplicated or incorrect input.  At Madison, we can offer you exactly that type of software.

3. Pay your staff well.

Keep up with what your competitors are paying and make sure you’re in the same ballpark.

4. Provide training.

This includes supporting new staff until they can “fly on their own.”

5. Share your plans for the future with staff.

If you have a strong business plan and mission, and share it with your staff, they will be motivated to join the journey with you. Otherwise, they may feel lost and look for other opportunities.

6. Motivation is more than a business plan.

It doesn’t cost anything to give positive feedback and encourage new ideas. Who knows, a fresh set of eyes might help your business model. Remember that motivation starts at the top. Be positive, even as you’re grappling with business issues yourself. What you convey to your employees means a lot.

7. Pay on time, and correctly.

Nothing spells trouble like delayed paychecks for your internal staff or your contractors. At Madison, we have the funding to help you through the uncertain cycles ahead.

Looking for Payroll, Back Office or Other Funding Options?

Contact us and see how we can provide the tools to keep your staff happy and keep your retention at a maximum!

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