Five Ways to Recruit College Grads this Year

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We’re getting into spring, which means daffodils, spring rain and college graduating students of all kinds. They are a terrific resource for your candidate pool, and can be, in many cases, a perfect match for your clients.

Think back to when you graduated, whether it was high school or college. You probably felt, how am I going to start my career? As a staffing firm, you can provide that guidance and direction and advice that will help a graduate and – even better for you – make them returning customers.

It’s imperative to be pro-active when recruiting. Here are five ways your recruiters can access these young, smart individuals.

How To Recruit New College Grads

1. First, try events.

Get in touch with your local colleges….and don’t neglect community colleges…and see if they are having job fairs. Chances are that they are. Be prepared to send your recruiters there, either in a booth or actually sponsoring an event, depending on your revenue. This outreach is a wonderful way to communicate how you can help graduates.

2. Second, social media.

It’s a cliché, but today’s youth are all online. You need to have a social media presence. Tout what you have to offer and monitor feedback. Many of these sites are free, or at least inexpensive. If you can afford it, you might consider having a designated social media/recruiter on staff or outsourcing this strategy to a company who knows how to drive the right traffic through social media.

3. Third, your Website.

This brings us to the topic above, but if you engage graduates through events or media, and they click on your site, you are halfway there. Make sure your site is up-to-date, mobile-friendly, and user friendly.

Bonus Tip:
Use case studies of young people you’ve successfully placed (of course with their permission) and you’ve got an immediately relatable client base.

4. Four, perfect your message.

This is also crucial and should be a selling point and brand for your recruiters and everybody on your team. What can you offer this group of young candidates? Perhaps a bridge to the future, perhaps a way to scope out places with an eye to permanent employment, or perhaps paying bills after going out on their own. Whatever the case, find a message that suits you best, and make sure it’s communicated internally and externally, so that your people can convey a great value proposition for candidates.

5. Five, pay-per-click.

We’d be remiss if we left this one out. Of the many benefits you get with pay-per-click, re-marketing is a big one. Re-marketing means keeping track of the people who visit your Website and that then you can hopefully reach out to.  The process can be easily done if you are using pay-per-click marketing.

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