Expanding your staffing firm is one key to business success. Targeting companies that will benefit you in the short- and long-term helps ensure increased revenue for continued growth. To promote business expansion, train your sales team to follow up with prospects, leverage your value proposition and close business.

Build Up Your Profits in the Short-Term and Build Lasting Partnerships!

1. Follow Up

Make sure your sales reps follow up with multiple decision makers from the companies you’re targeting. Following up with just one stakeholder runs the risk of having them move to another department or leave the company, causing sales reps to build a new relationship with someone else. Make sure your reps have researched company events such as upcoming projects, rounds of hiring and firing, mergers and acquisitions or installed technology or software being used. They can use the information to determine what pain points may be involved in those projects and how the staffing firm can alleviate those issues. For clients that have placed job orders, sales reps can go deeper with the relationship by staying on top of leadership changes, funding events and other trigger events associated with buying opportunities. Such activities mean budgets and priorities are changing and human capital is needed for the new people to reach their goals.

2. Leverage Your Value Proposition

Focus on the quality you provide rather than cost. Show how your candidates meet the skills required for the role and focus on reaching performance objectives. Provide a better ROI by demonstrating how your staffing firm saves companies time and money involved with recruiting while providing candidates who exceed expectations. Show how your candidates are looking for careers rather than jobs, reducing turnover and increasing loyalty.

3. Close Business

Have your sales staff study each targeted company inside and out. Include their websites, social media and press releases to see what they are working on and how you can help. Ask clarifying questions to provide better insight into companies’ problems and how you can provide solutions. Assure the company that you provide quality candidates by sharing testimonials, case studies or online reviews showing you deliver on promises. For example, the owner of a growing staffing firm was having difficulty balancing billing, payroll and prospecting while maintaining a personal life. He reached out to Madison Resources for help. We took over billing, payroll and payments and gave advice on successful prospecting techniques. He freed up time to focus on prospecting and expanding his firm. We also analyzed potential clients upfront to advise which relationships would be best for him to form. He stated that our consistent, effective, high-level work was “beyond valuation.”

Increase Profits With Madison Resources

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