Part of prepping your staffing firm’s sales team involves training them to produce repeatable, sustainable revenue growth without being overly dependent on one client or top performer. In order to create such a sales team, you need all sales reps trained the same way. They will display the same sales skills, behaviors, messaging, and activities necessary to consistently meet or exceed sales goals and achieve sustainable, predictable revenue growth. Follow these guidelines to prep your sales team to sell staffing rather than simply take orders.

3 Ways To Help Your Sales Team Be More Effective

1. Structured Onboarding

Implement a structured, systematic onboarding process to train all sales reps the same way. For instance, put your knowledge training content into a structured format and create a schedule for your reps to learn the information. Include training on VMS and MSP programs, markups, technology, your competition, and understanding the industries your clients are in, including trends and drivers. Put your sales tools training content into a separate structured format and create a schedule for your sales reps to learn the information. Include training on your CRM and ATS, lead generation and lead nurturing tools, and related content. Chunking your training content into segmented groups and sequencing the information helps your salespeople learn and understand what they need to make their first placement and hit quotas.

2. Structured Sales Skills Training

A structured sales skills training may include having a sales rep learn their elevator pitch, execute a cold call, pitch a candidate, share customer success stories, or overcome objections. For example, suppose that Sarah is your top sales rep and can demonstrate how you would like other reps to perform. To replicate Sarah’s behavior, you record a video of her modeling her sales opening for your team to watch and learn from. You ask your reps to define the skills, messaging, and behaviors that help Sarah excel in her work. Then, you use the video as part of your onboarding for current and future reps to watch, learn from, and replicate. This sets the standard for how you want your sales reps to perform.

3. Testing Sales Reps’ Learning

Ensure your sales reps are learning what they need to know by testing them. As they go through their training, have your reps take quizzes and exams to check their knowledge and reinforce best practices. This process of gamification creates healthy competition for your sales team, rewards desired behaviors and encourages reps to repeat those behaviors and retain more information.

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