“Selling Staffing” Series: A Smarter Approach to Your Sales Strategy

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Part of growing your staffing firm involves modifying your sales strategy. Because what worked previously may not work now, your sales strategy needs to evolve as your client needs change. Follow these guidelines to a smarter sales strategy approach.

Is Your Sales Strategy Smarter?

1. Provide Value Different From Other Staffing Firms

Because they often are a potential client’s first impression of your firm, your sales reps need to show how you provide value, unlike any other staffing firm. Retaining top recruiters, offering a competitive fee structure and providing superior client service all help. Promoting your company mission, vision and values show why you do what you do and how you solve clients’ toughest staffing concerns. Maintaining a current applicant tracking system, modes for connecting, marketing investments and tools that support your sales strategies help, too.

2. Hire Qualified Sales Reps

Analyze the relevant sales tasks in your market and strategy to determine your hiring criteria and process. Focus on the behaviors needed to excel in sales. Use simulations, interview techniques or internships to evaluate a candidate’s abilities before deciding whether to extend a job offer. Immerse candidates in tasks they may encounter while working with current and potential clients. Having them experience the pains and successes of your primary clients gives you an idea of how they may perform in your salesforce. If successful, those candidates will connect with current and potential clients on a deeper level and bring in more business. Once hired, perform ongoing talent assessments to see how successful each sales rep is in reaching individual and team goals and how they can improve.

3. Anticipate Client Needs

Learn your clients’ future hiring needs so you have qualified candidates ready to send over. For instance, if you know a top executive will be going on extended leave or taking a role with another company, have candidates ready to fill in on an interim or permanent basis. If a client is opening a new office or branch, estimate how many employees they may need and how you can assist. When a client enters a new market, point out how you have the network and expertise needed to identify and provide workers in that market. If a client is involved in a merger or acquisition, offer to provide experts who can navigate the changes, assist with IT or help employees adapt. When you know a client’s busy time is approaching, such as month- or year-end or around the holidays, let them know you can provide the temporary staff they need to meet production goals.

Use the Latest Technology

When you partner with Madison Resources, you gain access to current technology solutions necessary to maximize productivity. We provide applicant tracking and staffing CRM systems to manage your sales and recruiting with the most advanced online reporting to analyze the performance of branch operations and your business as a whole. Get in touch with us today!