“Selling Staffing” Series: Looking for Better Clients? Improve Your Value Proposition.

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As a staffing firm, you’re always working on earning repeat business. Because maintaining current clients costs less time and money than obtaining new ones, you do everything in your power to cultivate your client base. Part of securing repeat business involves your value proposition. What you have to offer clients that no other staffing firm has, plays a key role in having clients come back for future needs and refer you to other companies. Discover how you can improve your value proposition through these four steps.

What Makes A Client Choose to Work With You?

1. Stand Out From the Competition

If you are a general staffing firm, point out specific examples of how you provide superior customer service or faster time to hire. If you are a niche staffing firm, show how you specialize in the industry and are equipped to fulfill even the toughest demands by placing hard-to-find candidates. In either case, ensure you excel at building mutually profitable relationships with clients so they become repeat customers. Find opportunities for future gain and share the benefits they provide. Create different marketing and sales strategies targeting a variety of decision makers.

2. Deliver Beyond Expectation

Have your candidates trained and ready to provide complete support for your clients. Gain credibility and repeat business by creating lasting value for your clients. They will refer your firm to other companies looking to fill their staffing needs. Build your brand by creating and supporting a powerful perception and image based on strong emotional experiences that become beliefs. Your brand should evoke feelings of trust, loyalty, comfort, need and happiness because of client experiences. Interaction with your brand builds loyalty, resulting in repeat sales.

3. Provide a Superior Client Experience

Creating an exceptional client experience results in repeat business. When clients’ expectations are met or exceeded, they know you care and will come back for future staffing needs. When meeting new clients, remember their names, get to know their needs inside and out, and take notes on what you discuss to refer to in the future. Respond to issues as quickly as possible, especially if they’re time sensitive. Take responsibility for your mistakes and fix them in a timely manner.

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