When you find a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to expand your staffing firm, you have to act quickly. If you hesitate, odds are a competitor will take advantage of the opportunity and gain an even stronger hold in the marketplace. Since you do not have time to wait on a potential bank loan, you want to look into alternative support and financing. Having a relationship with a firm such as Madison Resources can be the answer to jumping on a unique opportunity to expand your staffing firm. Here are three reasons why.

A Growth Opportunity for Your Company is Here! How Do You Take Advantage of It?

1. Independence From Operating Capital

Because your cash flow is directly tied to your invoiced business, you gain the ability to grow while maintaining stability. You avoid having to set aside funds to secure new clients or train new employees for specialized or technical placement. Gaining access to an organization that can provide support and a fast, income source allows for smooth operations and continued business growth while capitalizing on what makes you stand out from the competition.

 2. Managing Cash Flow and Payroll

Because you pay your employees typically weekly, long before your clients pay you, facing pressures with cash flow is common. Having access to capital is imperative when taking advantage of a growth opportunity. Since banks typically look for good credit scores, dependable cash flow, collateral and a great banking relationship when considering a loan, they may be unwilling to lend capital and especially not quickly. A firm such as Madison Resources can provide support and Funding is an excellent alternative. You gain access to the working capital you need in a short amount of time without many restrictions.

3. Purchasing New Tools and Technology

A firm such as Madison Resource can provide support and funding and the capital needed to purchase new tools and technology to sustain your business opportunity. For instance, you want to streamline communications, improve productivity, and find job candidates and clients for your new line of business. To assist with these activities, you may decide to invest in a customer relationship management (CRM) system to foster relationships and increase sales.  Madison may already have the solution for you.

4. Case Study: Steve R.

Steve R. had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to assume a significant number of businesses if he signed a deal within 10 days. However, he was unprepared to manage the back office and lacked the banking relationship to secure a loan. When Steve turned to Madison Resources for help, he reviewed the opportunity with our senior team. Within 48 hours, we organized what needed to occur and delivered right on time. Within 90 days of Steve securing the businesses, they were operating at $40 million in billings in 12 offices.

Grow Your Staffing Firm With Madison Resources

Take advantage of once-in-a-lifetime business growth with help from Madison Resources. We provide the funding necessary to expand your staffing firm. Reach out to us today!

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