5 Ways to Provide the Ultimate Customer Experience for Job Seekers

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The experience candidates have when applying with your staffing firm helps to determine your business success. If candidates have a bad experience, they typically share their experience through negative online reviews on Glassdoor or Indeed. In contrast, providing an excellent candidate experience can lead to lasting relationships that result in candidates returning for future work assignments. For these reasons, you want to provide the best possible experience for your candidates. Here are five ways to provide the ultimate customer experience for your staffing firm’s job seekers.    

 1. Monitor Your Application Experience 

Make sure your candidate application experience takes less than an hour. Because more than half of candidates quit in the middle of an online application due to its length or complexity, many staffing firms lose top talent. Ensure each question is necessary and makes candidates enthusiastic to partner with your staffing firm.  

 2. Map Your Ultimate Candidate Experience 

Create and implement a plan for what makes your candidate experience better than any other. Gather your team and use a whiteboard or large stack of paper to map out what you want your candidate to experience step by step. Think about who your ideal candidate is, what their persona is like and what the best way to interact with them online is. Determine what you want candidates to feel when they come across your brand, how regularly you expect your team to communicate with candidates, and whether you can use automation to make the experience higher touch. Consider how you can make candidates feel welcome, valued, and informed during every stage and the best way to nurture candidates who are not yet ready to apply. 

3. Develop Relationships With Candidates 

Place strong emphasis on cultivating relationships with candidates. You want to see how they demonstrate their skills, knowledge, experience, personality, and ability to work with others. Get to know their needs and what they look for in a potential job or employer. Show how you can add value to their career progression by providing them opportunities they may not have otherwise. Offer skills training, interview preparation, and client coaching.  

4. Engage Employees in New Assignments 

When your employees finish an assignment, provide additional opportunities for them to cotinine in another role. Maintaining a stream of employment options keeps your best talent happy, productive and growing their career. They will have great things to say about your staffing firm on Glassdoor, Indeed, and other online review sites.    

5. Learn From Mistakes 

Implement what you learn from making mistakes to continually improve your candidate experience. There always will be way to increase efficiency and effectiveness and strengthen your brand. Ask candidates for feedback during every stage of their experience. You can quickly uncover bottlenecks and issues and find ways to fix them. 

Improve Your Customer Experience

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