How to Create Loyal Employees in the Staffing Industry

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Creating loyal employees is one key to success in the staffing industry. Having talent ready to fill job orders helps employees advance their careers, fill companies’ staffing needs, and get paid for your services. Because it takes less time and money to retain employees than find new ones, it is in your best interest to build loyalty among your employees. Here are six ways to create loyal employees in the staffing industry.   

Act as a Resource 

Share your expertise with employees. Teach them to write resumes that fit the skills, qualifications and experience your clients are looking for. Offer skills training to enhance their career options. Introduce employees to companies and opportunities they may not have found on their own. Provide insight into organizations they meet with and offer interview coaching to increase the odds of being offered a role.  

Communicate Regularly 

Schedule reminders to call employees on a regular basis. When visiting client companies, be sure you talk with your employees. When possible, personally deliver employees’ paychecks to them. Leave a snack for employees to enjoy in the breakroom. Tape your business card to the box so they know it’s from you.  

Increase Salary 

Employees expect to earn more money the longer they remain with your staffing firm. For short-term projects with low margin and high turnover, offer a lower pay rate with a bonus for completing assignments. Negotiate wage increases for your top employees before contracts become due for renewal.    

 Provide Perks   

Perks may include car sharing or car rental discounts and gym member discounts. In exchange for the discount, offer to advertise the partner on your website and in employee newsletters. Share with partners your number of employees to leverage the best discounts. Even if the discount is 10% or 15%, or an employee does not use those products or services, knowing the perks are available shows you care about them.  

Promote Seasonal Rehiring 

Aim for your best employees to get rehired for seasonal work. For example, accounting firms always need more help during tax season. Negotiating for an employee to get rehired for the tax season means they have ongoing work they love and are more inclined to continue working for your staffing firm. 

Offer Advancement 

Talk with employees to determine their career goals and how you can help fulfill them. Write down their goals to refer to during conversations. Talk about training in-house or through training organizations. Employees may have more opportunities if clients need a candidate for a hard-to-fill position, the candidate has related experience, and they can train for the role.    

Free up Time to Find Additional Loyal Employees 

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