Social recruiting is the method of using social media to advertise jobs, find talent, and communicate about company culture. A social recruiting strategy looks at your company’s goals and big picture to determine how candidates hear about your business, learn about open positions and apply. Best practices for using social media as a recruitment strategy include showing why the best candidates want to work for you, reasons they want the role you are promoting, and what type of culture you provide. Follow these tips to implement social recruiting in your 2019 strategy.    

Create Branding Videos 

Use your phone to create branding videos. These videos provide insight into company culture and what it is like to work for you. The more your branding videos get shared, the more passive candidates you reach. When they get in touch with you, see what is motivating them to consider your position, cultivate a relationship; then ask them to come in for an interview.   

Optimize Your LinkedIn Company Page  

Ensure your company LinkedIn page is optimized so it shows up in searches. LinkedIn searches the text used to create your account to help searchers find you. Google uses text from LinkedIn pages to rank pages in search results. Include a brief message about your company. Fill out your description and Company Specialties section with keywords people may use to find your staffing firm.    

Attract Candidates With Instagram 

Use Instagram to attract candidates to your brand. Due to higher platform engagement, you will gain more clicks, likes, and shares per post than with Facebook or Twitter. 

Learn About Your Facebook Audience  

Use Facebook’s built-in tools to learn about your audience. The tools provide insight into which content is getting traction on your page. You gain specific data on people interested in employment rather than your company’s general followers. 

Host a Live Q&A Via Periscope  

This technology lets you set up a live video stream from your phone anywhere with an internet connection and provides viewers access to your live stream. You also can use Periscope to share company culture with potential candidates by broadcasting company events or providing a live video stream of your workplace.  

Encourage Employees to Share Posts 

Ask your staff to share your social media posts. Include celebratory events, milestones achieved and participation in charitable activities to show what it is like working for you.  

 Monitor Your Social Media  

Uncover relevant content to share, opportunities to connect with potential candidates, and brand issues you must resolve. Companies such as Hootsuite create basic or custom streams to monitor and create searches for your branded hashtags including your brand name, industry influencers, and topics your audience may find interesting.  

Free up Time for Social Recruiting 

To free up time for social recruiting, work with Madison Resources. We handle your back-office needs so you can focus on finding qualified candidates for roles. Talk with us today! 

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