Dig Deep Into What ACTUALLY Differentiates You From the Competition

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A differentiator is a characteristic that separates a company from its key competitors and gives a perceived advantage in the eyes of the target audience. To be successful, a differentiator must be true, important to potential clients, and provable. To make your staffing firm stand out from the competition, focus on what makes it different. Here are five ways to differentiate your staffing agency from all the rest.  

Specialize in an Industry 

Focus on one to three industries you want to specialize in. You may be able to further narrow some of your focus onto a specific industry focus. For instance, if you specialize in IT and narrow part of your focus to IT for law firms, you can find candidates with the skills and experience necessary to fill that role. If no other staffing firm in your area fills that need, candidates with relevant knowledge will be attracted to your firm.  

Offer Unique Contacts  

Top professionals will want to work with you to gain access to those people and companies to form their own relationships. For instance, if you serve the higher education market and include Harvard, Yale, and Stanford among your client list, top professionals will be drawn to your agency.   

Focus on a Target Audience  

Your agency may market to baby boomer women. Your clients could be retirement planners, insurance companies or clothing retailers. Candidates who enjoy working with baby boomers in those fields will want to work for you.  

Attract Employees or Clients With a Specific Characteristic  

Perhaps your employees share the same accounting or finance designation, or your programmers hold PhDs in computer science. They will use their credentials to provide top value to clients. Or, your clients may share a common characteristic. Perhaps you provide accounting or tax services to expatriates from any country, industry or corporate role. You gain candidates who want to serve that type of client.  

Solve a Specific Business Challenge 

When solving a specific business challenge, the issue must be easily recognized and difficult to solve without specialized skills, knowledge, and experience. For instance, you could help companies secure their first government contract. If such services are not available elsewhere, the best talent in that area will be drawn to your agency. Similarly, you might specialize in producing a valuable result. For instance, you might turn average growth clients into high growth firms.  

What Makes Madison Resources Different 

At Madison Resources, we differentiate ourselves from the competition by our industry focus, experience, and transparent pricing. We serve only the staffing industry, have 100 years combined of staffing experience, and have no hidden fees, costs or unpleasant surprises. Get in touch with us today!