As a business owner, recruiter or manager, you probably wear many hats. Because you fulfill multiple roles, you likely have more responsibilities than one person can handle. To increase your productivity, you must determine which activities you should ditch, automate, delegate and keep in order to maximize your time. Here are some suggestions to help you.

Simplify – Simplify – Simplify: Here’s How:

Analyze What Brings Positive Outcomes

Look back on your projects and experiences to determine the 20 percent of activities and people that bring 80 percent of your positive outcomes. Make a list of those activities and people. Organize your list by priorities. Leave the rest of the activities and people for elimination, automation or delegation.

Prioritize Your Task List 

Organize your to-do list into four categories: Important and Urgent, Important but Not Urgent, Not Important but Urgent, and Not Important and Not Urgent. Important and Urgent tasks need to be handled immediately and most likely affect many people. Important but Not Urgent items involve productivity tasks such as building relationships, planning and finding opportunities that need to be scheduled. Not Important but Urgent tasks include emails, meetings, social activities and other items that take up time and should be reduced. Not Important and Not Urgent items include unimportant calls or emails and other activities that should be taken off your list.

Filter Your Task List

Start filtering your task list by eliminating the 10-20 percent of items that are low value. You can run your business without them. They may include redundancies, and the cost may add little or nothing to the bottom line. Examples include trivial tasks, complex planning systems and time-consuming technology. Then, determine which tasks you can automate. Find areas of your business you’re spending a significant amount of time on, such as marketing, HR or competitive analysis. Think about which tasks are most time consuming and repetitive, such as saving email attachments to Dropbox or creating Google Calendar events. Implement technology that can automate those tasks. Next, consider which tasks you can delegate. Take the time to clarify a task, answer questions, follow up, and trust the person to complete the activity. You then have time to focus on the highest-priority tasks that are left.

Outsource Your Back Office

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