Dynamic (and Simple) Ways to Rally Your Whole Company Around Your Company Culture

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Company culture is a set of shared rules, beliefs and attitudes that guide how things are done and how people interact. Culture needs to be demonstrated by leadership because their actions effect everyone around them. Since your culture leaks into every part of the business, you need a plan for developing, implementing and nurturing a desirable company culture. Here’s how to create one.    

Establish Goals 

Have your team create an action plan for reaching goals based on the company mission, vision, values and strategic plan. Your teammates will be more personally invested in their tasks when they know what they’re working toward and how their contributions fit with the bigger picture. Take your team members to lunch, share the goals you’d like to accomplish and brainstorm ways to attain them. Listen to everyone’s input, answer questions and provide feedback. Create a set of values that reflect everyone’s ideas, such as embracing change, building honest relationships and pursuing growth and learning. This will ensure your teammates buy into the same core values and are held accountable for following them.   

Create Personalized Work Spaces 

Because your team members spend so much time at work, let them set up personalized work spaces. Encouraging your team to express their personalities helps to establish a happy, relaxed, creative work environment. Having them create enticing collaboration areas also fosters innovation and unity.  


Ask your team to volunteer as a group once each month. They may choose to participate in a charity run/walk, adopt a family for the holidays or help build a home with Habit for Humanity. Your team members will strengthen connections with each other and feel great giving back to the community. Or, perhaps your team decides to help put on a local networking event. Doing so establishes relationships with other professionals, keeps teammates current in the industry and raises your company’s profile 

Encourage Collaboration 

Because teamwork increases engagement, productivity and innovation, encourage collaboration. Having colleagues to turn to for help increases team cohesion and results. New ideas and ways of completing tasks improve efficiency and effectiveness. Team members increase their knowledge and skill sets by working together. Such actions create opportunities for promotion and employee retention.  

Request Feedback 

Ask your team to provide feedback on what’s working and what needs to be improved. Listening to your staff fosters respect, open communication and authenticity, increasing engagement, productivity and desired results. Offer the option of speaking publicly or privately, either verbally or in writing, so everyone feels comfortable voicing their opinion. Remind your teammates to offer a solution to each problem they bring up. Set aside time to discuss and resolve issues.  

Free Up Time to Develop Company Culture 

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