The rise of the gig economy means industry demand for temporary workers is increasing. As the flexible workforce continues, revenue for your Direct Hire firm increases. As a result, it may be time to add a temp desk to your firm. You can capitalize on opportunities to redeploy temp workers on repeated engagements to create a steady stream of revenue. Here are some tips.

Define Your Services

Clarify what your temp desk services will look like. For instance, which market or niche will you operate in? Will you focus on vertical markets, specialization, or a different organizational structure? Where will you pitch your service? Who are your competitors, and what are they offering? Which staff rewards and incentives will you offer? How and what will you test the temps on? Will you have a temp guarantee? 

Set Up Systems

Put systems in place to handle administrative tasks. The significant amount of administrative work involved in running a temp desk means you need to have a plan in place and be highly organized for operations to run smoothly. Create 3-month plans with objectives, activities, results, ratios, and revenue you desire. Write down client and candidate strategies to attain them. Be sure you use checklists and daily to-do lists to ensure everything gets done on time. Better yet, outsource your back office to a leading service provider.

Implement Metrics

Focus on relevant metrics to determine your temp desk’s success. For instance, track how many calls are needed to secure a new client, the average number of temps each client needs, and the average length of time needed to fill a booking. Determine your margins, an average number of hours per timesheet processed, and average timesheet value. Figure out how many clients leave each week and the number of future bookings needed to make up that number. Track the average length of booking and percent fill rate. Use the data to determine what needs to be done to hit your target revenue each month.

Hire Qualified Employees 

Adding a temp desk requires hiring qualified employees. For instance, they must be resilient. Staff will hear “no” more than “yes” from prospective clients. Temps won’t always want to work when needed, so alternative plans will be required to fill client vacancies. Also, employees require genuine curiosity and interest in others. They have to ask questions and get to know prospective clients to show how your staffing firm can fill their needs.

Additionally, staff must be assertive. They have to earn respect and loyalty from temps, so they go to work when needed. Plus, employees must be able to work in a fast-paced environment. Decisions must be made and action taken very quickly.  

Get Help from Madison Resources

When the time comes to add a temp desk to your recruiting firm, get help from Madison Resources. We provide unlimited funding services and fully scalable technology and back-office outsourcing services you need to grow your business. This can free you up to develop a temp desk or expand into a new vertical. If you’re looking for ways to free up your finances and time, contact us to learn more today.


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