As a staffing or recruiting firm owner, invoicing may seem like a tedious task that doesn’t require your full attention. However, invoicing is a critical part of getting paid and maintaining positive cash flow. Even if you let your clients know how much they owe you, you might make mistakes that lead to nonpayment. To prevent these issues, let Madison Resources handle your invoicing for you. Here are 5 reasons why.

Here Are 5 Reasons Why Outsourcing Your Invoicing is A Good Move for 2020

1. We Have Scheduled Invoice Submission

Because you’re busy, you might forget to invoice a client. Or, you may have a deal in place and think they automatically will pay you for your services. Because a lack of invoicing means not getting paid, you need to make it a priority. Transfer the responsibility to Madison Resources to ensure invoicing gets done on time. We create a schedule based on your needs and consistently invoice on a weekly basis.

2. We Follow Up on Unpaid Invoices

There will be times when your clients miss invoice due dates. Perhaps they misplace your invoice, forget about it, or are unable to pay it. When you transfer invoicing responsibilities to Madison Resources, we follow up on unpaid invoices to see what’s going on. If the client is unresponsive, we handle the collections process as well.

3. Our Invoices Have Clear Terms

Sending invoices with clear terms increases your odds of being paid quickly. When Madison Resources takes over your invoicing responsibilities, we include clearly stated item descriptions, prices, and quantities.

4. We Explain Fees 

Your clients don’t want to receive an invoice with undiscussed or additional fees. These fees typically lead to confusion and distrust and may jeopardize your relationship. When you turn over your invoicing to Madison Resources, we explain every charge on the invoice, so your clients understand what they’re being billed for and why.

5. We Know That Accuracy Matters

Documentation is a basic part of business, and invoicing is a time-consuming task and process.  We can partner with you to manage the timesheet to invoice verification so invoices are accurate when they reach the client.  This cuts down on errors, rework and wasted time.

Looking to Better Manage Your Invoicing?

At Madison Resources, we provide 100% of the back office support your staffing firm needs. From outsourced payroll services and outsourced billing services to our complete back office support solutions, we give you more time to focus on increasing sales, recruiting talent and serving your clients better.

All back office services are conducted to your specifications, with your branding by a team of professionals. And all included under our one-fee structure.

Let us take care of the paperwork; you take care of running your business. Apply today.

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