When your staffing or recruiting firm needs funding, you want an industry expert who understands your needs and provides the support required to fulfill your objectives. At Madison Resources, our years of experience in the staffing industry provide the knowledge and guidance you need to build a successful business. Combined with 100% payroll funding and other back-office support, we are the full-service funder your company can benefit from most. Here are four reasons to switch your funding source to Madison Resources.

4 Reasons a New Funding Partner May Be A Great Move this Year

Funding Solutions That Cater to the Staffing Industry

Traditional funding from financial institutions requires lengthy applications, creditworthiness, and other obstacles that may prevent a staffing or recruiting firm from getting the funds it needs. If a line of credit is extended, it’s typically for a fixed amount that limits company growth. At Madison Resources, our funding solutions exclusively cater to the staffing industry. Owned and managed by staffing industry executives, we know your business and are dedicated to making it more profitable through 100% payroll funding. Borrow against your receivables to gain access to the funds you need, when you need them.

Stronger Support for Your Back Office

Contracting with a third party to take care of your back-office tasks and process is becoming more popular. Outsourcing administrative tasks saves you time and money to focus on your core activities. Because your back-office operations expand during rapid growth, you need additional human and financial resources to handle the increased workload. Rather than take away time from the core activities that made your company successful, outsourcing fulfills back-office responsibilities as you continue to bring in revenue.

Complete Payroll Funding 

We know that your staffing firm needs money for payroll, expansion, and other objectives. At Madison Resources, we have fewer restrictions than financial institutions, no rigid reporting requirements, and much more flexibility with funding. By offering 100% payroll funding, you benefit from asset-based lending secured by your receivables. Rather than waiting weeks or months, you can receive funding sooner.

Advice from Staffing Industry Professionals

When you want sound advice about your staffing or recruiting firm, let industry experts be your guide. The founder and leaders of Madison Resources combined years of experience in the staffing industry with that of our finance and technology experts to create detailed analytics tools to grow your business. Our customizable, easy-to-read graphs show Sales, Gross Margin, Profit, HeadCount, Markup, and Aging at a glance. Our data tools let you dive into critical data such as tax withholding, chargebacks, employee hours, and bill rates. You can compare your data week to week, month to month, year to year, and in other non-sequential timeframes to uncover trends and opportunities to increase profitability.

Make Your Funding Switch Today

Switch your funding to Madison Resources today. We provide the education, tools, and advice you need to grow your staffing firm. Make your move today.


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