How to Compete Better – With Better Positioning

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Positioning your staffing firm as a leader in the industry helps you gain a competitive edge. Knowing where your competencies lie and continuing to improve on them shows how you add value to your clients. Demonstrating what you’re good at and which skill sets your firm focuses on attracts clients who want to do repeat business with you. Follow these guidelines to compete through better positioning of your staffing firm.   

Know Your Clients’ Pain Points 

Be clear on the pain points of each client’s segments. Pain points are the aspects of a business, product or service that consumers either put up with or use as a reason to find alternatives. Knowing and solving clients’ pain points uncovers opportunities for your staffing firm.  

Identify Your Best Business  

Review your most profitable clients over the last two years to determine your best business. Consider company size, industry, and produces and services purchased. Take into account buyer demographics like title, age, gender, and education level. Look at common denominators, price and profits, and accounts receivable aging. This shows the business that’s filled. Focus 85% of your marketing efforts on this type of business. Create a pipeline of talent in advance of client needs. Fill a higher percentage of written business with proven results. This generates more business and leads.  

Find Other Ideal Clients 

Use the type of business you’re targeting to find clients with a similar profile. For instance, develop a client referral program. Define sources to gather leads needed to exceed monthly sales goals. Focus on generating leads through targeted marketing campaigns. Implement personal and professional networking to uncover potential clients. Ask your recruiting team and candidates for leads. Use social media, websites and trade shows to find leads.     

Demonstrate Benefits 

Show your ideal clients the benefits you provide that no other staffing firm can. For instance, discuss stories and results you generated for past and current clients. Share client testimonials on your website, under your email signature, and on marketing materials. Include recommendations on your company LinkedIn profile. Compile case studies with documented client results to prove the benefits you delivered.  

Know Your Stats 

Because Sales is a numbers profession, be clear on your stats and individual ratios. Numbers take the emotion out of creating an effective, repeatable sales process. Document your sales process. Track results-oriented activity. Determine how many contacts result in a verbal presentation and how many contacts result in a meeting. Look at how many presentations or meetings result in an order, contract or assignment. Figure out your closing ratio.  

Outsource Your Back Office 

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