How to Compete Better – With Better Relationships

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Client relationships are the foundation of your staffing firm. Your company exists to serve your clients. Without them, you wouldn’t have a business. To gain and retain the best client relationships, you need to understand and fill each client’s needs. Implement these seven tips to compete by developing better relationships.    

Create a Positive Impression 

Cultivate a desirable impression of your staffing firm. When your client agrees to work with you, you have a limited window of opportunity to set up the relationship for success. You must prove your value to earn the client’s trust and loyalty and increase their confidence in knowing they made the right decision.  

Work as a Partnership 

Be on the same team as your client. Focus on their success at all times. Share problems and solutions. Providing an alternative, yet relevant, perspective provides additional reasons to continue working with your staffing firm. Focus on working toward common goals to grow both businesses.    

Openly Communicate 

Encourage ongoing communication with your client. Genuinely care about what they have to say. Understand what your client thinks about issues and make decisions. Take notes on what they say so you can follow up. Provide regular status updates. Include clear outlines of the work you completed, what you’ll be working on next, and any obstacles to overcome or action needed from your client. The more you see things from your client’s point of view, and the more transparency about your work activities they receive, the more effectively you can work with your client   

Take Pride in Your Work 

Commit to providing top-notch results for your client. Show that your staffing firm provides the quality work they expect. Find out what your workers are doing well and how they can improve. Share the feedback with your workers so they perform better. Continue to find ways your staffing firm can better serve your client. Follow through on what you say you’ll do.  

Know Your Client’s Industry  

Find out everything possible about your client’s industry. Specializing in a few industries is much more effective than knowing a little about many industries. You’ll gain more long-term clients by focusing on one niche than many.    

Remain Professional  

Always behave in a professional manner. When interacting with candidates, you represent your client’s company. Anything you do or don’t do affects your client’s brand, credibility, and reputation. Ensure your actions are smart and efficient.     

Focus on Transparency   

Make sure your fee structure is completely transparent. Show how you source candidates your client couldn’t access on their own. Tell stories about how you performed similar services for other clients. Disclose the closeness of your relationships with candidates to demonstrate you truly understand why their skills, knowledge, and expertise make them a great fit for a role and why you earned a significant commission.  

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