Why Outsourcing Your Back Office Is More Profitable Than Ever

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Outsourcing your back office to Madison Resources means bigger margins and less paperwork. We provide the back-office support your staffing or recruiting firm needs to get ahead. From payroll services and billing services to other back-office solutions, we free up time for you to focus on generating sales, finding talent, and better serving your clients. Our team of professionals completes back-office services to your specifications and with your branding, all under our one-fee structure. Here are more details.

Why Does Outsourcing Payroll Increase Profitability?

1. Payroll Processing

Our professionals provide payroll processing services. They include payroll administration, multistate payroll processing, and in-house staff payroll. We offer an online payroll processing application, online timecard system, and multistate new hire reporting. We also provide info for reporting for PTO, sick pay tracking, workers’ compensation, ACA, and census requirements. You free up time to increase revenue by bringing in business.

2. Billing

Our experts offer billing services. They include customized invoicing and distribution, billing issue alerts, and timesheet to invoice verification. You increase your number on invoices paid on time and in full.  Accuracy and timeliness ensures that vendors and employees get paid on time benefiting your books and your reputation as a provider and employer.

3. Collections

Our trained staff provide collections services provide a soft approach to the process that helps you maintain a strong relationship with your clients; We include detailed aging reports, collectors notes,  services branded with your company logo and auto-alerts to avoid chargeback status. You can view and submit notes on aging accounts. You increase your number of fulfilled invoices that might otherwise have gone unpaid.

4. Credit

Our seasoned employees offer credit reviews on your clients. We also provide dilution analysis and trending. You make more informed decisions about whom you take on as a client and which products/services you offer.

5. Cash Applications

Our professional staff provide cash applications. We offer timely and accurate posting, services conducted according to your customers’ directions, and online customer payment options. You increase the frequency with which you get paid.

6. Payroll Tax Filing and W-2 Processing

Our skilled employees provide payroll tax filing and W-2 processing. Services include tax withholding, unemployment returns, and electronic payment of local, state, and federal payroll taxes. We also provide a quarterly tax filing package for recordkeeping and state registration guidance. You avoid penalties by maintaining compliance with local, state, and federal laws and regulations.

Outsource to Madison Resources

Outsource your back office to Madison Resources.  Let us take care of all of these processes and paperwork while you run your business. Contact us today to learn how outsourcing your payroll can lead to better profitability.