Want to Fast Track Your Startup? Here’s What You Will Need

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Madison Resources has what it takes to fast track your recruiting or staffing firm startup. We know that starting a business is hard work. You need to build your client list, fill your candidate pipeline, expand your internal team, and more. We provide the help you need to focus more on sales and service so you more quickly can increase profitability.

Any size, any challenge, any niche, here’s how Madison Resources provides solutions that make your startup more profitable.

1. Payroll Funding

Payroll funding lets you convert unpaid invoices into immediate working capital. Because your invoices may be paid at unpredictable times, managing your cash flow can be challenging. Although you need enough cash to cover payroll, you might not qualify for a bank loan or line of credit as a startup. If you do qualify, it can take months to receive the money. Madison Resources can advance 100% of an invoice’s value in a short amount of time through payroll funding. Different from a loan or line of credit, payroll funding means you make no payments. Because you sell your receivables for a small fee, you avoid adding to your debt load. Your customer sends their invoice payment to us rather than your business. We assume the responsibility for collecting on the invoice.

2. Staffing Technology

Staffing technology is required for a successful startup. You need an applicant tracking system (ATS) and/or customer relationship management (CRM) software that’s integrated with your email to manage your data and nurture relationships with candidates and clients. You also require a reporting solution for tracking candidates and client data. The ability to report on critical staffing metrics like fill-rate and gross margin is essential. Performing weekly or monthly reports help you to better understand your business and lets you make meaningful changes to your firm. Madison Resources provides the latest technology to help your staffing startup grow. Take advantage of our ATS and CRM services, online payroll processing, online timesheets and paystubs, performance analytics, and more.

 3. Back-Office Support

Back-office support lets you outsource financial, administrative, and legal issues to a third party. With Madison Resources, you can take advantage of payroll funding on its own or pair it with our credit, payroll processing, billing, collections, and payroll tax filing services.

4. Expert Advice  

Expert advice lets you more efficiently and effectively build your staffing startup. Use Madison Resources’ performance analytics to plan and analyze your business. Learn about trends on sales gross profit, gross margin, markup percentage, and headcounts. Gain insight into adjustable periods and comparisons with dropdowns for month, quarter, or annual data. Customize year over year or sequential comparisons. Create “what if” analysis for multiple branches and regions. Export reports to Excel.

Fast Track Your Startup with Madison Resources

Fast track your startup with help from Madison Resources. We provide the payroll funding, staffing technology, back-office support, and expert advice you need to succeed. Find out more today.