Solutions You Need as a Staffing Startup

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As a staffing startup, you can benefit from partnering with a company that understands the inner workings of the staffing industry. At Madison Resources, we share our staffing firm knowledge and services to help your startup grow.

Here are solutions Madison Resources provides to benefit your staffing startup, but there are many others. 

Applicant Tracking System/Customer Relationship Management Software

Our ATS/CRM software is created specifically for staffing firms to manage candidate and client relationships. Manage your sales and recruiting with the most advanced online reporting. Analyze the performance of branch operations and your business as a whole. Our cloud-based software integrates with job boards, offers a location-based candidate search, and automatically matches jobs and candidates. It also includes an online application and drag-and-drop resume loader Dashboard reporting lets you schedule follow-ups and monitor sales and recruiting activity.

Online Payroll Processing

Our online payroll processing is fully integrated with our CRM/ATS to reduce duplicate entry and error rate. Our software lets you, query employees, edit payroll, or search and edit employees, vendors, customers, and orders from one site. You can feed data into Madison Online Solutions to generate reports.

Madison Online Solutions

Madison Online Solutions provides around-the-clock access to critical business intelligence. Updated daily, the information improves your efficiency, assesses your profitability, and helps you make better management decisions. Data on comprehensive sales reports, gross profit by customer, cash posting reports, and accounts receivable/days sales outstanding is available. Gain additional detail through our performance analytics tool.

Online Timecards and Paystubs

Our online timecards and paystubs provide configurable timecard options, security role settings, employee entry, manager approval, time off, and accruals. Our cloud-based system brands the information for your company.

Additional Services

Additional services include an Affordable Care Act (ACA) calculation tool, paid time off (PTO) reporting, mandated sick pay calculation, specialized invoicing, collections , cash applications, and online payment options for your customers.

Get the Solutions You Need

Get the solutions you need for your staffing startup from Madison Resources. Our ATS/CRM software, online payroll processing, Madison Online Solutions, online timecards and paystubs, and additional services free up time to focus on building your business. Contact us today.