During the COVID-19 pandemic due to the uncertainty, many companies are in greater need of flexible staffing than usual. Of course, your staffing firm should be the one that employers turn to because you provide excellent service. You need to show concrete reasons why current and prospective customers should choose your firm.

Here are three ways your staffing firm can demonstrate additional value to customers during a crisis.

1. Demonstrate How You Make a Difference

If your staffing firm caters to the middle market, current and prospective customers need concrete reasons to choose your services over a competitor’s. Since the majority of businesses that may use staffing firm services already work with a provider, you need to demonstrate how your firm cares more about their staffing needs than their current supplier. Because the majority of companies change vendors due to supplier indifference, find out what these companies are looking for that would encourage them to establish a long-term relationship with your staffing firm. Take appropriate action to secure this business. Do the same for other current and potential customers to build a loyal base. Madison Resources can guide you.

2. Show Differentiation

Since the staffing industry is highly fragmented, you need to guide buyers by showing how your firm stands out from the competition. This can be accomplished by building relationships. Your most profitable customers typically are the ones you have the strongest relationships with. Creating mutually profitable relationships with customers encourages them to seek opportunities for future gain and share the benefits these opportunities provide. To cultivate strong relationships, focus on who your most profitable customers are and where the best opportunities come from. Develop customized marketing and sales strategies for various types of decision-makers. Understand customer expectations and advocate for them. Be capable of delivering at all levels of the organization. Madison Resources can help you with this process.

3. Create a Relationship-Building Strategy

Implement the right combination of people, processes, technology, knowledge, and insight to successfully build customer relationships. People are needed to create customer bonds. Processes yield consistency to ensure customer expectations are met. Technology is used to gather data for analysis and enable communication. Knowledge is needed to analyze the data, create an action plan, and guide the strategy’s implementation. Insight is required to understand customers’ wants and needs. Your goal is to align your staffing firm with the customer’s business on as many levels as possible. This begins with sales and marketing and continues through your service and operations practices. Every interaction with current and prospective customers, from how you answer the phone to how you follow up on each placement, is affected.

Increase Your Value with Help from Madison Resources

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