Lessons We’ve Learned About Recruiting During a Pandemic

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With the sudden change to our world in early 2020 due to COVID-19, significant changes have occurred in the way you run your staffing firm. One of these changes involves your recruiting process. Not being able to personally meet with candidates has become a challenge. You need to know all you can before placing candidates with your customers. Because your staffing firm needs to help customers continue necessary operations, your recruiting has to adapt to protect candidate and customer health and well-being while making proper placements.

Follow these guidelines to alter your staffing firm’s recruiting process during COVID-19 and as we reopen.

Expect to Fill More Remote Roles and Roles That Didn’t Exist Before  

The number of job ads with WFH, the abbreviation for “working from home,” has significantly increased. Because the majority of offices for nonessential workers are temporarily closed, job searches for remote roles have been prevalent. This affects how your staffing agency advertises job openings. For instance, put WFH information in the job title. A title of “Call Center WFH” or “Remote Call Center Agent” should direct appropriate job seekers to your opening. Include details about the remote options early in the posting. Point out the capabilities and benefits of the role. This allows job boards to scan your descriptions and properly classify them. Contact Madison Resources for additional insight.

Properly Describe Remote Work Options

Clarify whether remote work options are available only during COVID-19, after which employees must work in the office. If an opening is temporarily remote, include in the job posting a phrase such as “work remotely temporarily due to COVID-19” or “work from home during coronavirus.” If a position has work from home flexibility, include a phrase such as “flexible work from home options available” or “work from home days possible.” If a role is fully remote, include a sentence like “This is a remote position” or “Employees will be working remotely.” Contact Madison Resources for further assistance.

Digitize Candidate Communication

Along with phone calls and emails, connect with candidates through digital interviews. Ensure the technology you use is built for your industry, company, and the task at hand. This may include one-way video interviews where candidates record answers to interview questions and pre-hire assessment questions you email them. You can review the answers at your convenience and decide which candidates should move forward in the recruiting process. You may incorporate live video interviews for the hiring manager and others to connect with candidates selected to move forward in the process. After completing the job offer and acceptance process, you may begin digital onboarding to get the new hire up to speed and producing. Madison Resources can provide the technology needed to assist with recruiting.

Turn to Madison Resources for Additional Support

During this challenging time of COVID-19, turn to Madison Resources to provide the necessary support for your staffing agency. We offer the payroll funding, business capital, technology services, back-office services, and business intelligence needed to grow your firm. Partner with us today.