In many cases, challenging times are moments when leadership is most needed. Crises come up at times. There is no way to completely avoid them. This is why you need to be prepared to lead your staffing agency or recruiting firm through. You must be able to respond to adversity and equip your team and company to reduce loss and continue operating as much as possible.

Here are three ways to be present and lead your team through a crisis.

Make Fast Decisions

With situations changing every day, sometimes every hour, you must rapidly make decisions about how your staffing agency or recruiting firm should proceed. This involves quickly processing the available information, figuring out what matters most, and deciding which course of action is in the best interest of your employees and organization. Keep in mind that you will have an overwhelming amount of incomplete information. Interests and priorities won’t always match. Emotions and anxiety may be high. You have to break through the noise and focus on business continuity. Madison Resources can provide guidance in this area.

Focus on Key Points

Prioritize making decisions on the things that matter most for your staffing agency mid- and long-term success. Identify and communicate your three to five top priorities. These may include employee safety and well-being, financial liquidity, customer care, and operational continuity. Write down the issues, ensure leadership is aligned with them, and make course corrections as things develop. Determine which conflicts among your priorities may arise. Consider what is urgent and important, and what affects survival today and success long-term. Decide which trade-offs you’re willing to make. Clarify who the decision-makers are and what they can make decisions about. State what needs to be escalated, by when, and to whom. Focus on taking action. Turn to Madison Resources for valuable decision-making advice.

Regularly Communicate with Your Team

Be in regular contact with your employees. They need to know what your staffing agency is doing in response to the crisis. Transparently share essential information as you receive it to reduce emotional distress caused by the unknown. Provide concrete guidance as to steps your organization is taking and whether your staff needs to take any action. Use a variety of technology, such as video conferencing, instant messaging, phone calls, and emails, to show your concern, involvement, and knowledge of the situation. Continue to review, repeat, and reinforce the information, so everyone receives and understands it. Remain available to answer questions and provide support. Turn to Madison Resources for further suggestions.

Lead with Help from Madison Resources

Turn to Madison Resources for assistance during a crisis. We have the funding, technology, back-office support, and business advice necessary to move your staffing agency forward during a crisis. Contact us to learn more today.

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