How your staffing firm handles a crisis is highly effective for showing who you are and what your firm stands forSince business success typically is based on efficient routines, how your firm reacts to a nonroutine event is important. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, current and potential customers and employees are looking to see how your staffing firm navigates through this unforeseen, devastating crisis. The action your firm takes and the results you receive will impact your firm’s reputation. Make sure your staffing firm rises to the challenge. 

Here are three reasons to work on your staffing firm’s reputation now.   

Reason #1: Your Company Reputation Is Like a Personal Reputation 

What your staffing firm is known for is similar to what someone personally is known for. Just as people gauge and manage how others perceive them, you need to take similar action for your firm. Your staffing firm needs to be viewed as competent and empathetic for customers to work with you. They need to believe your firm is reliable, good at what it does, and provides quality services. Your staffing firm must show compassion and support for stakeholders to demonstrate it can be trusted. This will help maintain your firm’s reputation during and after a crisis. 

Reason #2: Your Stakeholders Need to Hear from You 

It is imperative you communicate with your key audiences where and when needed. Use your staff, data, and research to find out all you can about your stakeholders’ needs, then meet or exceed their expectations. Use genuine, honest communication to facilitate conversations. Show that your staffing firm cares about maintaining customers’ business operations however you can. Since every customer faces different challenges, customize your solutions to fit their needs. Current and future customers will be more inclined to turn to you for their staffing needs when they know your firm comes through during a crisis.   

Reason #3: Re-Entry Requires Preparation 

Whether or not your staffing firm was temporarily closed during COVID-19, it will go through a time of reopening. Reopening doors, welcoming back employees, and reintroducing your brand will bring changes. Gather your management team to carefully plan your process of thoughtfully reopening. Ensure your staffing firm is prepared to meet new customer and employee expectations. Get ready to communicate the how and why behind reopening. Prepare for what can go wrong and how it may be fixed. Keep in mind that rushing the restart phase could result in adverse consequences. If a customer, employee, or other stakeholder gets sick because you did not include empathy and intelligence when preparing to reopen, your staffing firm’s reputation will be damaged.  

Gain World-Class Business Intelligence 

Because your staffing firm’s reputation impacts your livelihood, you need to monitor it at all times. Work with the professionals at Madison Resources to gain world-class business intelligence on this topic and others that affect your success. Want to lLearn more about how we can help you? Contact us today

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