What Did Staffing Firms Do to Survive the Shutdown?

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In early 2020, many businesses worldwide began temporarily closing due to the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Companies in industries deemed “nonessential” for everyday life experienced a substantial drop in business and revenue, resulting in millions of employees being laid off. Fortunately, staffing and recruiting firms were deemed “essential” and could continue serving clients. Although nobody knew what to expect during a global pandemic, many staffing and recruiting firms were able to make it through the economic downturn.

Here are four ways staffing agencies made it through the coronavirus-related shutdown.

1. Advertised High-Demand Jobs

Many staffing firms advertised jobs that were in high demand during the shutdown. This included roles in industries like technology. With a substantial number of companies switching to remote work, the demand for IT managers and specialists, infrastructure experts, analysts, and other professionals to implement the technology and provide support was great. Because retail, construction, and other industries deemed nonessential experienced a significant decrease in business, many companies changed their business models and processes to continue operations. This resulted in increased demand for software engineers and developers to work on new projects.

2. Hosted Virtual Job Fairs

Staffing and firms hosted online job fairs during the shutdown. Because many of their clients needed to continue hiring, the agencies turned to virtual means to attract job seekers. During a virtual job fair, candidates register on the landing page, experience the main event in lobbies, then go to breakout sessions for chats with specific recruiters in different rooms. Job seekers may have been able to visit job boards, submit their resume, and access live or prerecorded presentations as well.

3. Hosted Mobile Job Fairs

From RVs, buses, drive-through interviews and screening, people were landing jobs without stepping a foot out of their cars, and often didn’t have to drive very far. With the safety of never leaving your car or being able to interview while socially distancing, job seekers found opportunities with staffing companies who were willing to try something different and adapt to new safety parameters.

4. Provided Bonuses

Some staffing firms provided bonuses for workers amid the shutdown. One agency offered members of its community teams a bonus of $100 per day, up to $500 per week, if they felt comfortable enough to come into the office. Because the firm wanted to remain open to serve clients who are essential businesses, leadership decided to reward staff who were willing to support members by keeping the buildings open and operating during extraordinary times. Bonuses were paid in a lump sum during the following month. Another staffing firm provided bonuses and promotions for certain workers amid the shutdown. The agency also honored all job offers and associated benefits made before the pandemic.

Partner with Madison Resources

Many staffing firms partnered with Madison Resources to maintain operations during the shutdown. Whether they needed funding, technology, back-office support, or business intelligence, we were there to help keep their doors open so they could serve their customers. Find out how we can help your staffing agency today.