If your staffing firm has seen an increase in job orders, it’s time to implement a new way of reaching out to job seekers. After weeks of massive layoffs, odds are your customers are seeking temporary, contract, or direct-hire workers to fill roles. They need workers to cover employees who are ill, taking care of sick family members, or concerned about returning to work. Your customers may need temporary workers to handle changing workloads, control overhead, or implement health and safety protocols. In order to meet qualified candidates while practicing social distancing, consider having job fairs that don’t require close contact between recruiters and candidates.

Learn how curbside or virtual job fairs can benefit your staffing agency.  

1. Curbside Job Fair Characteristics

With a curbside job fair, your goal is to interview candidates, discuss employment opportunities, build your talent pool, and fill orders. The job seekers sit in their vehicle while your recruiters greet and interview them from a safe distance. Along with getting to know job seekers and their qualifications, having in-person interaction is a great way to determine whether a candidate fits with company culture.

2. Virtual Job Fair Characteristics

A virtual job fair uses both mobile and video technology to conduct an online hiring event while job seekers stay home. Candidates use their smartphone, tablet, or computer, along with a platform such as Zoom or Facebook Live, to connect with your recruiters. Everyone meets using chat rooms, teleconferencing, webcasts, webinars, and/or email to talk about job openings. Job seekers typically register after they enter, upload their resume, and fill out a questionnaire about their interests and experiences. Resume tips, career quizzes, or videos on how to present oneself during an interview may be available. Candidates may be matched with available roles, or talk about specific roles one-on-one with recruiters in virtual booths.

3. Advantages of Curbside or Virtual Job Fairs

Through curbside or virtual job fairs, job seekers can find the roles they want from their vehicle or home. Candidates and your recruiters can practice social distancing while meeting in person. Your staffing firm gains a competitive advantage that you can include in your employment brand.

4. Preparation for Your Job Fair

Take time to prepare your curbside or virtual job fair. Create a sense of urgency for candidates to attend with targeted blog posts, eBooks, and other content. Explain how competition for great jobs is increasing and the need to secure a role is now. Record short videos of employees on assignment to show what your customers are doing to provide safety in the work environment. Talk with customers about how collecting unemployment benefits may mean bringing in more income than through working, meaning they may need to temporarily increase pay rates, offer assignment completion bonuses, or provide other incentives to attract top talent.

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