Funding Facts: What Our Full Services Include

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At Madison Resources, we make staffing companies more profitable. Our goal is to provide funding, back-office solutions, and expert guidance unmatched by any other. With our combination of technology, services, support, and cost of capital, we focus on building long-term relationships and delivering top tier-services at the best value.

Learn more about the services Madison Resources offers that can help bring your staffing agency to the next level.

Payroll Funding

Madison’s 100% payroll funding provides affordable capital with no covenants or financial reporting requirements. Our payroll team verifies each customer’s and employee’s setup, uploads timesheet data the client provides, processes payroll for clients to distribute checks, processes automated clearing house payments, and handles related reporting. Madison uses a pay bill system to process payroll. This autogenerates an invoice as payroll is processed.

Payroll Taxes

Madison’s team of payroll tax specialists is responsible for setting up appropriate withholdings, preparing payroll tax returns, processing related tax payments, and preparing quarterly and year-end tax filings and W-2 reporting. Clients are responsible for properly registering to do business in each state they place employees and providing Madison with tax identification numbers and portal logins. Madison bills and processes sales tax payments.


Madison’s team of billing specialists is responsible for ensuring the accurate, timely, supported distribution of their funded invoices. Madison is responsible for verifying that the timesheets match the invoices generated and submitting invoices to the customers in the manner requested. Madison and the client are responsible for resolving any discrepancies identified during the review process or subsequently reported by the customer upon receiving the invoice.

Cash Applications

Madison’s cash applications specialists are responsible for the timely, accurate posting of cash receipts to customer invoices. They work with the collections team to resolve any discrepancies. The cash applications team also processes miscellaneous accounts receivable transactions. All payments of receivables are remitted directly to a controlled Madison account or lockbox. Madison is responsible for applying cash based on customer remittances. Cash remains in an unapplied cash account until adequate instruction is received.


Madison’s team of collections specialists are responsible for managing clients’ accounts receivable aging, including collection efforts and chargeback activity, and obtaining remittance details for cash receipts. Since we purchase the invoice from the client when payroll is processed, we collect or assist with the collection process.


Madison developed an applicant tracking system and customer relationship manager technology specifically for the staffing industry. We also offer an online payroll processing system, online time sheets, and online payroll stubs for client use. Because of our experience working with staffing companies for years, we know your pain points and have inside knowledge as to what makes the process work best for you!

Benefit from Our Full Services

Take advantage of the full range of services that Madison Resources has to offer. We provide the payroll funding, back-office support, technology, and business intelligence needed to bring your staffing agency to the next level. Get started with us today.